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The Eagles: Desperado

Review by David Rensin, Phonograph Record, June 1973

THE BACK COVER photo may depict the Eagles as dead losers, but with DESPERADO it is clear that nothing is further from the truth. ...

The Eagles: Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, California

Live Review by Dave DiMartino, MOJO, August 1994

THE BEST – AND CERTAINLY MOST SUCCINCT – REVIEW OF this, the opening night of the reunited Eagles' concert tour, came midway through guitarist Joe ...


The Eagles (1977)

Interview by John Tobler, Rock's Backpages Audio, April 1977

In order of speaking voices, Messrs. Meisner, Frey, Henley, Walsh and Felder (in London for the UK leg of their Hotel California tour) provide the lowdown on their individual backgrounds. Then Don 'n' Glenn offer a detailed history of the band from its formation to Hotel California itself — the albums, the people, the songs and more.

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The Eagles: The Eagles

Review by Bud Scoppa, Rolling Stone, 22 June 1972

THE EAGLES' 'Take It Easy' is simply the best sounding rock single to come out so far this year. The first time through, you could ...

The Eagles: The Eagles (Asylum)

Review by Ben Edmonds, Creem, September 1972

EVER SINCE some unwitting fool made the mistake of pointing out that much of the rock and roll musician evolved from the hillbilly, we've been ...

The Eagles/Linda Ronstadt: Los Angeles

Live Review by David Rensin, Music World, January 1973

PERHAPS IT was the atmosphere of a college campus where the audience is usually reasonably intelligent and not prone to yelling "boogie" or "rock and ...

Eagles Make It Easy

Interview by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 10 March 1973

THE EAGLES, who have got more mileage out of their debut album than most bands can reasonably expect, are set to make their first live ...

The Eagles: Takin' It Easy

Profile and Interview by Danny Holloway, New Musical Express, 10 March 1973

IN A COMFORTABLE Chelsea flat, Texan Glenn Frey is looking a bit depressed as he sits surrounded by a pile of the latest rock albums ...

The Eagles: Desperado (Asylum)

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 26 May 1973

IT IS ARGUABLE that the test of a fine example of any genre is to consider the extent to which it transcends its category. Our ...

The Eagles: Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ

Live Review by Ian Dove, New York Times, The, 14 May 1974


Various Artists: California Jam Festival: Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario CA

Live Review by David Rensin, Zoo World, 23 May 1974

"Bastion Of Ennui" nets record gate. ...

Sarah Kernochan: House of Pain; Tom Waits: Closing Time; Eagles: On The Border

Review by j. poet, Berkeley Barb, The, 7 June 1974

j poet moans: step on me i like it ...

The Eagles Have Stopped Takin' It Easy

Report and Interview by David Rensin, Crawdaddy!, July 1974

With a new lead guitarist, a new producer, a hit and a series of almosts, the Eagles step out on the border... ...

The Eagles

Interview by Barbara Charone, Hit Parader, January 1975

IF YOU thought blue jeans and sneakers went out with the sixties, better check out the Eagles. Raised on a steady diet of wonder bread ...

The Eagles: Eagle Eyed

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 12 April 1975

HOLLYWOOD: On a clear day Glenn Frey can see from his living room right out to sea, right across the Pacific to Catalina, the island ...

The Eagles, Dan Fogelberg: Academy of Music, New York NY

Live Review by Toby Goldstein, Billboard, 31 May 1975

PERFORMING AT the first of two sold-out shows May 16, the Eagles demonstrated that a band of considerable musical expertise resides behind its string of ...

The Eagles: One Of These Nights (Asylum)

Review and Interview by Bud Scoppa, Phonograph Record, June 1975

The Eagles’ new fourth album is at once the most musically adventurous and the most consistent work yet from this latter-day classic LA band. ...

The Eagles: California Dreamin’

Interview by Tom Nolan, Phonograph Record, June 1975

"I WANT TO SLEEP with you in some chocolate tonight," Glenn Frey sings in impromptu addition to the lyric of ‘Peaceful Easy Feelin’, and the ...

The Beach Boys and The Eagles at Wembley Stadium

Live Review by Max Bell, New Musical Express, 28 June 1975

"HI, WE'RE THE Eagles from Los Angeles." Well that was a fact as predictable as the set those five gentleman dished up, a kind of ...

Eagles Fly High with Disco 'Nights'

Interview by Paul Gambaccini, Rolling Stone, 28 August 1975

"WE LIKE TO be a nice little country-rock band from Los Angeles... about half the time," Eagles drummer Don Henley claimed backstage after the band's ...

The Eagles: One Of These NIghts

Review by Mick Houghton, Let It Rock, September 1975

I CAN'T THINK of anything good to say about One Of These Nights. What's so distressing is that it's not a bad album by any ...

Eagles: The Earthpeople's Band

Interview by Steven Rosen, Sounds, 27 September 1975

They say they play real music for real people. Sounds dull. But the Eagles do it with a kind of magic that has made them ...

Fishing With The Eagles For the Universal Trout

Interview by Steven Rosen, Circus Raves, December 1975

THINGS ARE SO MELLOW on Jim Guercio's Caribou Ranch, those 3,200 acres of secluded headland lying right outside Denver, that even the birds seem to ...

The Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (Asylum) ****

Review by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 28 February 1976

MORE THAN other greatest hits collections, this album signifies the end of an era for the Eagles. With the departure of Bernie Leadon and the ...

The Eagles: Desperados in Blue Jeans and Sneakers

Profile and Interview by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 27 March 1976

EXACTLY TWO years ago a very hazy Los Angeles sun shone dimly through the polluted clouds onto the suburban racetrack that housed the California Jam. ...

The Eagles: The Spectrum, Philadelphia

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 14 August 1976

SPECTRUM, Philadelphia: You can't get much more Los Angelean than the Eagles. Right down to the faded jeans and slightly wrinkled tee-shirts, the fuzzy moustaches ...

How The Eagles Cleaned Up the Wild West

Comment by Lester Bangs, Music Gig, October 1976

I HAVE A FRIEND who is the most depersonalized individual I know – her love life is all mixed up, she's running simultaneous scams on ...

Eagles: Hotel California (Asylum K5 3051)*****

Review by Tim Lott, Sounds, 11 December 1976

Eagles: back in the fast lane ...

Eagles: Where Eagles Dare…

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 11 December 1976

WHAT'S it like, I asked, being an Eagle? Glenn Frey, a perpetual talker, paused to consider the question and the silence lasted almost a minute. ...

The Eagles: Hotel California (Asylum)

Review by Colin Irwin, Melody Maker, 11 December 1976

Don Henley (drums, vocals), Glenn Frey (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Don Felder (guitar, slide guitar, vocals), Joe Walsh (guitar, keyboards, vocals). Randy Meisner (bass, vocals). Produced ...

The Eagles: Hotel California (Asylum)

Review by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 18 December 1976

On the border? They go straight down the middle ...

The Eagles: Life in the Fast Lane

Interview by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 8 January 1977

"A friend of mine in L.A. said 'talkin' about music is a lot like singing about football'." — Jackson Browne. ...

The Eagles: Hotel California (Asylum)

Review by Bud Scoppa, Phonograph Record, February 1977

To many rock connoisseurs, Eagles records are about as appetizing as a Jumbo Jack: heavy on the packaging, standardized for mass-consumption, with nothing but go ...

Eagles Get The Bird

Comment by David Hancock, National RockStar, 5 February 1977

'A cheap sold-out group ten years behind the times' bristles DAVID HANCOCK ...

The Eagles: Hotel California (Asylum)

Review by Stephen Demorest, Circus, 17 March 1977

LISTEN, I'M willing to believe these guys are trying. I'm just glad I'm not buying. Don't you become one of their statistics, either. Hotel California ...

The Eagles: One Of These Nightmares

Interview by Barbara Charone, Crawdaddy!, April 1977

Say a Prayer for the Pretenders... ...

Rock Stars Talk Back

Comment by Susan Whitall, Creem, May 1977

Dozens listen. ...

The Eagles: The Long Run (Asylum)

Review by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 29 September 1979

THE DOMINANT rumour being touted around The Eagles' camp to explain the three year gap between Hotel California and The Long Run was, I recall, that this project was ...

The Eagles: The Long Run (Asylum)

Review by Mark Williams, Melody Maker, 29 September 1979

THE POLITICS of pop have always been anathema to me. I cannot, and will not, shift my allegiances from an underrated or up-and-coming band when ...

Fleetwood Mac's Tusk and The Eagles' The Long Run

Review by Al Aronowitz, Washington Post, The, 14 November 1979

LONG AND EAGERLY AWAITED, Fleetwood Mac's Tusk comes as the most spectacular event in records since Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life. Less ...

The Eagles: Boston Garden, Boston

Live Review by John Swenson, Rolling Stone, 13 December 1979

The Eagles: takin' it easy in Boston ...

The Eagles' Don Felder: A Short Run To the Top

Profile and Interview by David Gans, Axe Magazine, 1980

IT SEEMED as though Don Felder came from nowhere to join The Eagles during the recording of On The Border (he is listed with ...

The Eagles: Oakland Coliseum

Live Review by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, 22 March 1980

THE EAGLES on home turf in California, even if it does rain more here in the north. ...

Randy Meisner: Ex-Eagle Flies High Solo

Profile and Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 7 November 1980

DURING THE FRANTIC throes of the late '60s, this city devoured more musicians than it rewarded. The situation hasn't changed much since. But back in ...

The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac: Live

Review by Robot A. Hull, Washington Post, The, 28 December 1980

LIVE ROCK ALBUMS, especially the pompous two-record variety, generally are an excuse for extended guitar work and prolonged drum solos. A marketing strategy and a ...

Bill Szymczyk

Interview by John Tobler, Stuart Grundy, 'The Record Producers', 1982

THERE CAN'T BE too many people whose surnames have eight letters, none of which is a vowel, but it hardly needs to be said that ...

Don Henley in Conversation

Interview by Bud Scoppa, Record, 1986

YOU'RE DON HENLEY. You spent the '70s behind a drum kit as a part of the Eagles, the quintessential American band of the era. Millions ...

Glenn Frey: Life After The Eagles

Interview by Lloyd Bradley, Independent, The, 2 July 1992

GLENN FREY's just-released Strange Weather has all the guitar interplay, sheer whimsy and wry lyrical content you'd expect from the man who helped to write ...

The Eagles: McAlpine Stadium, Huddersfield

Live Review by Dave Simpson, Guardian, The, 15 July 1996

IF YOU were wondering what happened to the British summer, then spare a thought for the residents of Hell, California, whose habitat has frozen over. ...

'We're the F***in' Eagles. Kiss My Ass!'

Retrospective and Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, August 1996

Thus, in 1972, spake Bernie Leadon, then guitarist with FM country rock's Biggest Band Ever. As their Hell Freezes Over tour hits the UK, and ...

Oldies But Goodies: The Eagles, Chicago, Crosby Stills & Nash

Essay by Debbie Kruger, Weekend Australian, 7 March 1998

GROUPS SUCH AS the Eagles, Chicago and Crosby Stills & Nash sold millions of records here in their heydey – the Eagles still do – ...

The Eagles/Jackson Browne/Linda Ronstadt: Live at Staples Center, Los Angeles

Live Review by Erik Himmelsbach, Rolling Stone, 17 February 2000

THE KINGS of Country Rock have been on ice for the better part of two decades. Still, they earned most of their reported $7 million ...

The Eagles

Book Excerpt by Phil Hardy, Dave Laing, The Faber Companion to 20th Century Popular Music, 2001

Don Henley, b. 22 July 1946, Linden, Texas, USA; Glenn Frey, b. 6 November 1946, Detroit, Michigan; Bernie Leadon, b. 19 July 1947, Minneapolis, Minnesota ...

Hotel Roberto

Comment by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, January 2001

Fans of European football (soccer to all you Americanos out there) will already know that Italian maestro Roberto Baggio – he of the Buddhist beliefs ...

Big Tit Sue and Bigger Tit Sue: Torrid Tales of the Troubadour

Book Excerpt by Barney Hoskyns, 'Hotel California', 2006

UP ON THE Sunset Strip, the live scene was hurting. Name bands were now too big to play small clubs like the Whisky: they'd be ...

Eagles: Long Road Out Of Eden (Universal)

Review by Max Bell, Classic Rock, December 2007

WHEN STEELY DAN sang the immortal line "Turn up the Eagles, the neighbours are listening" on their mid-'70s sex-swinging party anthem 'Everything You Did', the ...

The Eagles: Long Road Out Of Eden

Review by Bud Scoppa, Uncut, December 2007

THE STANDARD-BEARERS of L.A. rock's second wave, the Eagles were a streamlined hybrid of proven rock strategies. ...

Eagles: O2 Arena, London

Live Review by Gavin Martin, Daily Mirror, 21 March 2008

KINGS OF '70s Californian rock, the Eagles last night commenced a five-date run at London's O2 by proving their glories do not just reside in ...

The Eagles: NIA, Birmingham

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, Times, The, July 2009

THE BABY BOOMER rockers of the 1960s and 1970s will clearly never die — they just become more popular and more profitable every year. ...

Where Eagles Dared: California's Signature Rock Band Comes to London

Report by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, 29 April 2013

Messrs. Schmit, Henley, Frey and Walsh (photo: Debbie Kruger) WELCOME TO the Hotel Connaught, the plush old Mayfair institution where Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh ...

The Eagles: History Of The Eagles: The Story Of An American Band ****

Film/DVD/TV Review by Phil Sutcliffe, MOJO, June 2013

How did these guys ever write 'Peaceful Easy Feeling'? Candid, rarely self-serving rock doc reveals The Eagles, heart, soul, warts and all, says Phil Sutcliffe ...

The Eagles: Birds Of Pray

Report by Debbie Kruger, Rhythms, June 2013

The London press conference for the release of History Of The Eagles reveals that the band will return to Australia. Again. ...

Don Felder Surprised at Ex-Eagles Mates' Ill Will Toward Him

Interview by Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press, 16 May 2014

WHEN GUITARIST Don Felder joined the Eagles in 1974, he was seen by many as a sort of bridge member, as the band was morphing ...

Charles Manson and the Death of the Californian Dream

Retrospective by Gavin Martin, Sabotage Times, 17 November 2014

The swinging '60s in the Golden State – California. A decade of sex, drink, drugs and debauchery soundtracked by the Beach Boys, the Eagles and ...

Boyd Elder: Encounters of the Southwestern Kind

Report and Interview by Stephen K. Peeples,, 31 March 2015

A close encounter with the artist who created the skull art for Eagles' One of These Nights and Their Greatest Hits. ...

Trouble in Paradise: The Eagles' Hotel California and mid-'70s Los Angeles

Retrospective by Ed Doheny, Rock's Backpages, November 2017

DON HENLEY once described the Eagles' 1976 album Hotel California as "our interpretation of the high life of Los Angeles", adding that the band had ...

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