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Tripping the dark fantastic: in an excerpt from his forthcoming book Two-Headed Doctor, David Toop inhales the "mystic vapour" of Dr. John's debut album. Plus Pete Johnson interviews "John Creaux" [sic] in June 1968; Dave Marsh discusses Gris-Gris in 1970 with the man born Malcolm Rebennack; and the late Charlie Gillett looks back with the album's unsung co-creator Harold Battiste in 1971.

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Tales from Toopographic Oceans: the great David Toop travels the Pan-American Highway in search of la musica Latina (The Face, 1986). Plus the Ocean of Sound author pens a guide to "incredibly strange" musical exotica (The Wire, 1994), flies to Reykjavik for his 2001 profile of Björk and talks about "the role of the pop critic" to Ben Thompson in 2012.

The Long Goodbye

Stuck in the middle with him: Melody Maker's Rob Partridge speaks to Stealers Wheel's Joe Egan (1946-2024), left, about Gerry Rafferty, right, in 1974 and Paul Gambaccini interviews both men for Rolling Stone that same year. Plus Country Music's John Morthland talks to Joe Bonsall (1948-2024) and his fellow Oak Ridge Boys in 1986.

The Long Read

The way he was: Stephen Dalton looks back over Eminem's annus horribilis and asks what the future holds for "the greatest all-American pop anti-hero since Kurt Cobain" (NME, 12 August 2000).

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No regrets: in a long conversation with David Toop, Scott Walker discusses The Drift, Wally Stott and the fearless experimentalism of his new album Bish Bosch (2012).


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Episode 180

New episode: David Toop talks about his forthcoming Dr. John book and discusses his 2012 audio interview with Scott Walker.

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