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Orange blossom: John Calvert goes track-by-track through Frank Ocean's sublime Channel Orange, a decade old this month, and Dorian Lynskey reports on the avant-soul star's coming-out in the same month. Plus Calvert considers the "youth and young manhood" of Odd Future, the L.A. collective that spawned Ocean's solo career…

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Write fever: Mark Rozzo visits Nik Cohn, the man behind Saturday Night Fever, on Shelter Island (New York Times, 2011). Plus Mark remembers Big Star's Chris Bell (Oxford American, 2003) and profiles Beatles/Stones filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg for Town & Country in 2011…

The Long Goodbye

Atmosphere strutting: Davitt Sigerson meets "invisible dance master" Patrick Adams (1950-2022) in 1977 and John McCready hails the "unsung disco genius" in 2000.

The Long Read

Start believin': Musician's J.D. Considine on the "hard pop, suburban rock" of rising AOR stars Journey (above) Styx and REO Speedwagon (October 1981).

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Who else: Jeff Beck, arguably the greatest guitar player live, speaks to Steve Newton about technology and fellow six-string geniuses Roy Buchanan and John McLaughlin, in 2001.


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Episode 130

Latest episode: Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton discuss dance music, writing for Dom Phillips at Mixmag and the fabulous new edition of their masterful history Last Night a DJ Saved My Life. All that and Elvis too...

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