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Altered States: Sufjan Stevens talks to Ben Thompson about his "50 states of rock" project in 2004 and Craig McLean discusses music as devotional liturgy with the singer in 2006. Plus Andy Gill is entranced by 2015's majestic Carrie & Lowell

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New York conversations: Will Hermes introduces his new biography of Lou Reed, talks to Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye about 1975's extraordinary Horses (Village Voice, 2005) and interviews Lou's partner Laurie Anderson in TriBeca (New York Times, 2010).

The Long Goodbye

Along comes Terry: Association frontman Terry Kirkman (1939-2023) talks to Hit Parader's Jim Delehant in 1969. Plus Sounds' Jerry Gilbert asks folk-schlager singer Roger Whittaker (1936-2023) about doing cabaret at London's Savoy hotel and Kirk Silsbee sees Toussaint McCall (1934-2023) singing in church in 2014...

The Long Read

I'll rise again: James Hunter hears (and meets) the Rev. Al Green in West Virginia (Record, December 1983).

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Who are you? Pete Townshend, right, talks to Keith Altham about his bandmate Keith "Moon the loon", two years after the Who drummer's death (1980).


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Episode 161

New episode: Mick Gold revisits his Let It Rock days, discusses Dr. Feelgood and London's '70s pub rock scene, and listens to our Bruce Springsteen audio interview.

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