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AND YOU DON'T STOPDavitt Sigerson, Melody Maker's man in New York, reports on the breakout success of Sugarhill Gang's groundbreaking 'Rapper's Delight' in late 1979. Plus Record Mirror's Paul Sexton asks the Gang's Master G about ripping off Chic and Pete ("Eighteen With a Bullet") Wingfield witnesses the trio live at London's Venue in March 1980…

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Almost Famous

I WANT TO TELL YOUMiranda Ward (pictured with the man himself in September 1967) asks George Harrison about Ravi Shankar and Magical Mystery Tour. Plus Ward tags along with Otis Redding in London (Hit Parader, 1967) and hears about the miseducation of Slade guitarist Dave Hill (School Leaver, 1974)…


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Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee to Sounds' Paul Elliott (1986)

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