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SECOND THAT EMOTIONMelody Maker's Caroline Coon discusses 'Love and Affection' (and producer Glyn Johns) with Joan Armatrading in 1976, and Musician's Carol Cooper meets Joan in Seattle after the release of 1981's Walk Under Ladders. Plus Joan and others talk to Street Life's Penny Valentine about surviving as "rock'n'roll women" in mid-'70s Britain…

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Almost Famous

HAVING HIS FILLMORE — The late Philip Elwood (pictured as a radio jock in 1959) sees the Airplane and Quicksilver at Bill Graham's Fillmore ballroom in summer 1966… and reports on the venue's closure five years later. Plus the San Francisco Chronicle's Joel Selvin pays homage to the Examiner legend who died 15 years ago…

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Don't Fear the Reaper


HE'LL TAKE YOU THERE — R.I.P. Roger Hawkins, 1945-2021 (pictured with Mavis Staples): Mick Brown tells the glorious story of Muscle Shoals and RBP's Martin Colyer recalls his 1987 visit to Alabama's soul capital...

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“You won’t catch me driving a motorcycle into a swimming pool or biting off a chicken’s head…”

Bert Weedon (1976)

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Animals @ Marquee (1965)
David Bowie (1966)
Ian McLagan (1967)
Nancy Sinatra (1968)
Pacific Gas & Electric (1969)
Marshall Hooks & Co. (1970)
Steppenwolf @ Fillmore (1971)
Mahavishnu Orchestra (1972)
Stevie Wonder's Book (1973)
Eno (1974)
K.C./Jr. Wallker live (1975)
Chet Atkins & Les Paul (1977)
Slaughter & the Dogs (1978)
Heartbreakers @ Max's (1979)
Robert Wyatt (1980)
Prince's Controversy (1981)
Sting (1982)
Cramps @ Country Club (1983)
Jonathan Richman (1984)
Josey Wales' Yard (1985)
Five Star (1986)
10,000 Maniacs live (1987)
Fairground Attraction (1988)
The The's Mind Bomb (1989)
2 Live Crew (1990)
Pet Shop Boys in Heaven (1991)
Rage Against the Machine (1992)
Tony! Toni! Toné!'s Sons (1993)
Flavor Flav (1994)
Green Day in Brixton (1995)
Steve Earle (1996)
Radiohead's Computer (1997)
Super Furry Animals (1998)
Pulp's Quiet Revolution (1999)Curtis Mayfield (2000)
Grandaddy live (2001)
Sand (2002)
R.E.M. @ Brixton (2003)
Byrds on Beatles (2004)
Ashanti's Rose (2005)
P!nk (2006)
Rufus Wainwright's Stars (2007)
The Godfathers (2008)
Foreigner's Slow Down (2009)
Robert Plant (2010)
Kurt Vile's Outta Reach (2011)
Morgan Khan (2012)
The Breeders' Splash (2013)Sleaford Mods Pavlov's Dog

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WHERE IT WAS ATAndrew Stafford asks Beck about the groundbreaking Odelay, 25 years old this week... and about Scientology, new album Hyperspace and plenty more besides (2019).

Jimi Hendrix to Kate Bush: the complete RBP Audio library

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Latest episode: David Kamp talks about his Rock Snobs' Dictionary, Sly Stone, Johnny Cash & Rick Rubin... and a 1983 Doors audio interview

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