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Freedom of expression: the San Francisco Examiner's Philip Elwood hails the "free jazz" improvisation of Archie Shepp and John Coltrane in 1966 and Hit Parader's Jim Delehant discusses Coltrane's influence on the Byrds with Impulse!'s Bob Thiele later that year. Plus Rolling Stone's Fred Schruers brings together the sons of 'Trane, Miles, Monk and Mingus in late 1999.

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Can you see me: the great writer-photographer Val Wilmer (pictured with Jimmy Smith in the mid-'60s) meets Albert Ayler in 1966, discusses blues with Jimi Hendrix in 1968 and – in 2020 – recalls her close encounters with Carol Blank, Rashied Ali and others in early '70s Williamsburg. Plus Val talks to Adam Blake about counterculture icon John "Hoppy" Hopkins in 2015.

The Long Goodbye

We remember him: Disc's June Harris meets "Australia's Tommy Steele" Frank Ifield (1937-2024) in 1960, then hears about the British-born singer's worldwide success with 'I Remember You' in 1962. Plus Record Mirror's David Griffiths talks to the yodelling country boy a year (and three more No. 1 UK hits) later.

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Hold on, it's coming: David Porter, left, talks to Richard Wootton about the hits he wrote with Isaac Hayes, right, and the glorious past and uncertain future of Memphis' Stax Records (Melody Maker, 1979).

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It's her party: the great Lesley Gore talks to Ira Robbins about the timeless 'It's My Party', 1964's proto-feminist 'You Don't Own Me' and being produced by Quincy Jones (June 1994).


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Latest episode: Fast Show legend Simon Day on his abiding love for Steely Dan – and his immortal "prog'n'roll" alter ego Brian Pern.

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