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Funk'n'roll: The Face's David Toop asks why the history of Black rock should be so problematic and the L.A. Weekly's RJ Smith traces the continuum from Robert Johnson to Living Colour (both pieces from 1990). Plus Michael A. Gonzales marks the 30th anniversary of Vernon Reid and Greg Tate's Black Rock Coalition in 2015.

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Full colour: an excerpt from Kimberly Mack's 33 1/3 study of Living Colour's Time's Up. Plus her 2019 memoir of her mom's love for the Kinks, Thin Lizzy and Cheap Trick and her 2009 interview with the Dead Weather's Jack White.

The Long Goodbye

He was Damo Suzuki: The Wire's Mike Barnes meets the legendary Can man (1950-2023) in 2004 and Eurock's Archie Patterson puts his questions to Damo in 2002. Plus Steven Wells meets BBC Radio stalwart Steve Wright (1954-2024) in 1985 and Holly Gleason remembers Neil "Mojo Nixon" McMillan, Jr. (1957-2024).

The Long Read

Getting it back: Angus Batey revisits the story of '70s Brit-funk pioneers Cymande, subject of an unmissable new documentary (MOJO Collections, 2002).

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History lesson: Mark Sinker asks Living Colour's Vernon Reid (right) about racism, disco, Prince, the Black Rock Coalition and playing with Ronald Shannon Jackson (1988).


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Episode 171

New episode: Kimberly Mack discusses her Living Colour book and the meaning of "Black rock" from Little Richard and Jimi Hendrix to Labelle and Bad Brains.

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