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This train is bound for glory: Maureen Cleave meets Sister Rosetta Tharpe as she tours England on 1964's Folk, Blues and Gospel Caravan. Plus Jon Stewart hails Rosetta's guitar technique in 2008 and Vintage Rock's David Burke sings "a hymn" to the pioneering singer in 2018.

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In the sunshine of his love: Steve Turner, whose new book King Mod is just out, interviews Eric Clapton for Rolling Stone in 1974. Plus Steve meets Syd Barrett in 1971 and talks to fellow scribe Nik Cohn about his classic 1969 book Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom (1972).

The Long Goodbye

Ramblin' axeman: Dickey Betts (1943-2024) discusses the Allman Brothers' breakup and his new band Great Southern with Creem's Robert Duncan (1977) and PopMatters' Kandia Crazy Horse reviews the latter band live in New York in 2002.

The Long Read

Back to the start: Paul Morley meets "crazed Mancunian unit" A Certain Ratio in their Hulme habitat (NME, 6th September 1980)

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Reeling and rocking: Lou Reed discusses his new album Set the Twilight Reeling – and being "a rock person" – with the Boston Globe's Jim Sullivan (1996).


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Episode 175

New episode: Steffan Chirazi looks back on his career as a metal specialist and his long association with the mighty Metallica.

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