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"I couldn't let go of L.A.": Barbara Charone reports on Joni Mitchell's hook-up with Tom Scott (right) and the L.A. Express (NME, 1974), and Scott speaks to Rolling Stone's David Rensin later that year. Plus Michael Watts reviews the magnificent Court and Spark for Melody Maker and James Wolcott hails Joni's fusion masterpiece in the Village Voice.

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Super Powers: in an excerpt from her new book Traveling, Ann Powers explores Joni Mitchell's jazz-rock years and "fusion's big bang". Plus she "rides the unicorn" with Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan (Village Voice, 1992), spends a dreamlike New Year's Eve with Prince (L.A. Times, 2009) and proposes a "new canon" of the 150 greatest albums by women for NPR in 2017.

The Long Goodbye

Je suis moi: Rave's Dawn James discusses l'amour and more with Françoise Hardy (1944-2024) in 1966 and The Word's Mark Ellen meets the yé yé icon in her native Paris in 2005.

The Long Read

Horse latitudes: Dave DiMartino looks back on the Rockets, Danny Whitten and Neil Young with the Crazy Horse trio of (left to right) Frank Sampedro, Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina (Musician, 1987).

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Check-out time: Rolling Stone's Steven Daly talks to Tori Amos about anchovies, Christianity, Jungian analysis and new album From the Choirgirl Hotel (March 1998).


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Episode 178

New episode: Ann Powers discusses her new book on Joni Mitchell, our audio interview with Tori Amos and an unforgettable evening with Prince.

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