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How high the Moon: NME's Tony Stewart sees the first performance of The Dark Side of the Moon during Pink Floyd's January 1972 show in Brighton... and Ian MacDonald reappraises the prog-rock landmark a year after its January 1973 release. Plus Classic Rock's Henry Yates reports on the debut tour by Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets in the summer of 2018.

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Revolt into style: with assistance from Gary Kemp and Steve Dagger, Betty Page (left, with Marc Almond and friend in Leeds) fashions a New Romantic "manifesto for the '80s" (Sounds, 1980) and reconnects with Spandau Ballet six months later. Plus Betty (as Beverley Glick) looks back in 2005 on the part she played in the New Romantics story

The Long Goodbye

Proving it: Trouser Press' Dave Schulps talks to Television's Tom Verlaine (1949-2023) in February 1976 and New York Rocker's Roy Trakin interviews Verlaine a year after Television switched off in 1978. Plus John Abbey meets Motown pioneer Barrett ('Money') Strong (1941-2023) in 1975...

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Low-Life will keep us together: Cath Carroll meets New Order after the release of their celebrated third album, reissued in a "definitive edition" this week (NME, 16 November 1985).

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Speak to me: Jim Sullivan asks the late Rick Wright about Syd Barrett, being fired by Pink Floyd... and his new solo album Broken China (1997).


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Episode 145

New episode: Gary Kemp looks back on Spandau and the New Romantics ... and goes over to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

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