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SONGS OF INNOCENCE & EXPERIENCEDorian Lynskey introduces London DJ-producer James Blake to U.S. readers (Spin, 2011), then hears about Blake's famous new friends in 2016. Plus Mike Diver enthuses about Blake's Klavierwerke EP back in 2010…

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Almost Famous

TRACKS OF THE CATMaura Johnston sifts through Barack Obama's Spotify summer playlist in 2015. Plus she's switched on by Lorde's 'Green Light' in 2017 and welcomes a vital collection from pioneering New Yorker critic Ellen Willis back in 2011…

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Don't Fear the Reaper


GIRL SILENCED — We pay tribute to Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud with Caroline Sullivan's 2004 report on what it takes to be such a Girl, while Pete Paphides catches them live in Sheffield in 2009. We also mark the passing of British folk-guitar legend Michael Chapman, 1941-2021 with Phil Sutcliffe's 1976 report on their bibulous encounter...

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“ʻProgressive’ used to mean people who were exploring music. It came to mean people who used a lot of keyboards...”

Peter Gabriel (1980)

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