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Nearer to her: John Abbey interviews Bettye LaVette about her first decade in music (Blues & Soul, 1972) and Steven R. Rosen talks to the raw-throated singer about her second wind on Anti- Records (Cincinnati CityBeat, 2011). Plus Lloyd Bradley loves LaVette's Thankful n' Thoughful album 2012…

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One writer under a groove: Lloyd Bradley interviews George "Dr. Funkenstein" Clinton (right) in late 1982 and meets Brit-funksters Beggar & Co. in 1981 and reggae rockers Aswad in 1982. Plus – in an excerpt from his decade-old classic Sounds like London – recounts the rise of grime in the capital.

The Long Goodbye

That lovin' feelin': Louise Criscione interviews Brill Building hit songwriters Cynthia Weil (1940-2023) and Barry Mann (KRLA Beat, 1965) and BAM's Mark Leviton looks back with the married duo in their adopted Beverly Hills in 1983. Plus Phonograph Record's Mitchell Cohen reports on Cynthia's unlikely 1976 collaboration with hard-rockin' Rick Derringer...

The Long Read

Ducking and diving: Paul Rambali hears about the brilliant Duck Rock album in an "epic trek" across the myth of Malcolm McLaren (The Face, June 1983).

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Open up the gate: Frank Broughton asks Blood and Fire's Steve Barrow about deejays, dub plates, Duke Reid, Coxsone Dodd... and the history of Jamaican music (1998).


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Episode 152

Latest episode: former Gay Dad frontman Cliff Jones talks about his journey from journalism to rockademia. Plus we discuss Cliff's namesake Brian and hear clips from Tony Scherman's 1993 audio interview with Paul Simon.

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