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Suite Judee blues: Disc's Rosalind Russell meets Judee Sill during the "country-cult-baroque" singer's London visit in spring 1972... and Sounds' Sandy Robertson revisits her sublime second album Heart Food in 1978. Plus Tim Page salutes Sill's "brief life" and enduring genius in the Washington Post (2006)...

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About a writer: RBP's 2002 audio interview with Nick Hornby – and the article about his 10 favourite tracks that resulted from our lunch date (pic: Mark Pringle). Plus Nick surveys ABBA's back catalogue (MOJO, 1997) and re-reads Billie Holiday's Lady Sings the Blues (Sunday Times, 2018).

The Long Goodbye

Christine McVie (1943-2022): Penny Valentine discusses Chicken Shack with the then Christine Perfect in 1969, and her fellow Disc reporter Andrew Tyler interviews Fleetwood Mac's "perfect woman" in 1972. Plus BAM's Mark Leviton meets "the solo songbird" in 1984 and The Guardian's Mark Cooper talks to her on Mac's Shake the Cage tour in 1988. Plus Smash Hits' Ian Birch asks Irene Cara (1959-2022) about Flashdance in 1983 and the Washington Post's Richard Harrington hears about Fame and Sparkle from Cara in 1984...

The Long Read

Highway stars: Jim Esposito hangs out backstage in Miami with a touring Deep Purple (Zoo World, 23 December, 1972)

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Rebel without a pause: Cockney Rebel's Steve Harley rants about the NME and other bugbears to Trouser Press' Ira Robbins (1975).


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Episode 141

New episode: RJ Smith on gangsta rap, Black L.A. and his new Chuck Berry biography

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