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ALL THAT IS MY OWN — In an excerpt from her new biography, Jennifer Otter Bickerdike describes Nico's first solo shows in NYC. Plus Record Mirror's Peter Jones profiles the former Christa Päffgen in summer 1965 and Clinton Walker meets the ex-Velvets singer in Sydney, two years before her death in 1988…

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Almost Famous

ALL YESTERDAY'S PARTIESGeoffrey Cannon finds a "mirror of American death" in the music of the Velvet Underground (New Republic, 1968), conducts a long unpublished interview with Nico in 1970, and (between Loaded and Lou Reed) asks the former Velvets frontman about 'Heroin' and more (Chicago Sun-Times, 1971…

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Don't Fear the Reaper


STRICTLY BIZNESS — In a 1988 report on the Cold Chillin' roster, NME's John McCready meets hip hop's class clown Biz Markie (1964-2021), while Caroline Sullivan talks to Markie for Melody Maker

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“It’s not that words mean nothing. It’s just that lyrics aren’t meant to be read, they’re meant to be shouted, whispered, roared, screamed…”

Caitlin Moran (The Times, 1996)

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