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Interview with RJ Smith

Interview by Steven Ward,, 2006

RJ SMITH IS a senior editor at Los Angeles magazine, where he writes about the media. Smith previously wrote about music for the Village Voice and Spin. Instead of composing ...

Chuck Berry part 2: How Many Comebacks?

Interview by Charlie Gillett, New Musical Express, 24 February 1973

AS WE TALKED, Berry looked over a copy of Golden Decade Vol. 2 and ran his eye down the sleeve discography, commenting on some of ...

Chuck Berry: Go Chuck Baby Go

Report and Interview by Charlie Gillett, New Musical Express, 17 February 1973

CHUCK BERRY. To a fan, the name sparks off a warm smile. After that depending on how old he or she is, the first song ...

Chuck Berry: Who The Hell Does Chuck Berry Think He Is?

Report and Interview by Tom Hibbert, Q, May 1988

They called him The Inventor Of Rock 'n' Roll. And this, apparently, gave him the right to ride roughshod over all of them for 30 ...

Chuck Berry: You Can't Catch Me: Chuck Berry's Final Years

Retrospective by David Burke, Vintage Rock, 2017

THE ARTIST IS immortalised in death as seldom in life. At least that's mostly the way of things. But not when it came to Chuck ...

Chuck Berry, Little Walter: Chuck Berry Tells Guy Stevens About "How I Write My Songs"

Report and Interview by Guy Stevens, Record Mirror, 4 April 1964

MY FIRST MEETING with Chuck Berry proved to be as exciting and interesting as I had expected. I met him in the offices of Chess ...

Charles Brown: Honey Dripper: Charles Brown caresses the blues

Profile and Interview by RJ Smith, L.A. Weekly, 31 July 1997

THE MAN locking eyes with you from the cover of Charles Brown's last album is the kind of rogue so elegant he barely cocks his ...

Irene Cara: Flashdance and Irene Cara

Interview by Ian Birch, Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, 23 June 1983

THE FILM It's going to be the big box-office smash of the summer. And Dave Rimmer's already seen it. ...

Irene Cara: What a Feeling! Irene Cara as Her Famous Self

Profile and Interview by Richard Harrington, The Washington Post, 12 January 1984

FOR IRENE Cara, the price of Fame is to play… in film and on television… Irene Cara! ...

Chicken Shack, Christine Perfect/McVie: Christine Perfect part 1: Who's Perfect? Christine's Rise From Shopgirl To Stardom

Profile and Interview by Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 8 November 1969

WHEN CHRISTINE Perfect was 19 and studying to be a sculptress in Birmingham, she was roped into playing bass for a local group that didn't ...

David Crosby: Scared Straight

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 16 January 1987

THE FIRST thing you notice is the twinkle in his eyes. That is the clearest signal that David Crosby is, indeed, back among the living. ...

Dr. Feelgood: Doctor Feelgood: Rocking at the Canvey Island Oil Refinery Claimants Union Ball

Interview by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 31 August 1974

NICK KENT probes the aesthetics of DOCTOR FEELGOOD's chisel-toe chic. ...

Dr. Feelgood, Wilko Johnson: Caught in the glare: Wilko Johnson has no regrets

Profile and Interview by Dorian Lynskey, GQ, December 2013

Dr Feelgood's electric axeman refashioned R&B and cleared a path for punk during a life less ordinary. ...

Fleetwood Mac: All Meat With The Big Macs

Interview by Mark Cooper, The Guardian, 13 May 1988

As Fleetwood Mac start a major tour Mark Cooper talks to Christine McVie about the band that refused to die ...

Fleetwood Mac, Christine Perfect/McVie: Fleetwood Mac: Perfect Woman

Interview by Andrew Tyler, Disc, 5 August 1972

PETE GREEN'S in Israel. Jeremy Spencer is making cassettes of devotional songs and recruiting the wayward and lonely for The Children Of God and Fleetwood ...

Ice Cube, N.W.A: Straight Outta Here? Legal war erupts in N.W.A.

Report by RJ Smith, L.A. Weekly, 8 February 1990

IT'S LIKE the Sex Pistols all over again. NWA, rappers from Compton, generate a huge word-of-mouth reputation, they put out a careening album quickly banned ...

Christine Perfect/McVie: Fleetwood Mac's Songbird Flies Solo

Interview by Mark Leviton, BAM, 9 March 1984

CHRISTINE MCVIE'S Greatest Hits? Yeah, I have a copy on cassette that I play in my car, but don't go looking for it in the ...

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