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Alternative TV: The iJamming! Chat: Mark Perry

Interview by Tony Fletcher,, January 2001

AS THE FIRST sentence of my mission statement makes clear, Mark Perry was a major factor in my deciding to write about music – though, ...

Cabaret Voltaire: Something strange is going on in Sheffield tonight

Interview by Jon Savage, Sounds, 15 April 1978

INSIDE THE HOUSE, an hour to kill before going into town. Hungover. Sit on the sofa and watch TV with the sound off. A tape ...

Captain Beefheart, Doobie Brothers, Little Feat, Van Morrison, Van Halen: Ted Templeman: Super Producer

Interview by David Gans, BAM, 1982

The super producer talks about Little Feat, Van Halen, the Doobies, and staying sane in a world of crazies. ...

Sarah Dash: Putting It Together Again

Profile and Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, January 1979

After 16 years with the now legendary team of Patti Labelle & The Bluebelles (who after selling their hearts to the junkmen and disappearing over ...

Delta 5: The Delta Of Venus: Delta 5

Report and Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Sounds, 2 August 1980

"DEL-TA-5! DEL-TA-5!" is good to chant. It feels as good as "Up-Starts! Up-starts!" or "A-C-D-C! A-C-D-C!" What might surprise you is that Delta 5 — ...

Doobie Brothers: The Reward Of Facelessness

Interview by Wayne Robins, Creem, December 1975

WHO WERE THEY? Just a bunch of street people who "looked like bikers and said they wanted to be rock 'n' roll stars" – with ...

Doobie Brothers: The Doobies’ Little Gem

Interview by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 16 December 1972

LAST YEAR, when the Doobie Brothers made their recording debut with Warner Brothers, there was little reaction either at the time of the release of ...

Scritti Politti

Interview by Tony Fletcher, Jamming!, 1982


The Special AKA, The Specials: The Special AKA: The Skars Have Healed

Interview by Tony Fletcher, Jamming!, March 1984

"WHO IS he anyway?" enquires one of the tastelessly coiffeured punkettes of Jerry Dammers as the main man poses for photos in Soho's Chinatown. Jerry ...

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