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Promotional materials

An introduction to Rock's Backpages: everything you need to know about the resource, the site and the company.

Licensing & technical information

The Rock's Backpages Licence Agreement

The Licence is the document that contains all the terms and conditions of use associated with, detailing what can and can't be done, by whom, for how long and what happens if there are any problems...

The Licence that Rock's Backpages uses for all of its subscribers is based upon the JISC Collections Model Licence, which has been specially drafted to include all of the terms and conditions that an educational institution and its users need in order for them to maximise the benefits of the online resources they subscribe to. Generally this means that it will be more favourable than any standard commercial licence.

The JISC Collections Model Licence is an international standard: we have summarised the key terms in the Licence Agreement below. A fully detailed breakdown of the Licence Agreement is available at Guide to the JISC Model Licence.

Terms and conditions – a summary

Many of our subscribers are well-versed with Licence Agreements, and are aware that the Licence is an important document and should be read carefully before signing the Agreement. However, to assist in the understanding of it, the following summarises the key points:


  • Allow Authorised Users and Authorised Demonstrators to access the Licensed Work by Secure Authentication in order to search, retrieve, display and view, and otherwise use portions thereof;
  • Staff, students and Walk–in Users have the ability to cut, paste, copy, print and save parts of the resource into electronic and print materials produced as part of their teaching, learning and research
  • Excerpts from resources can be incorporated into teaching materials and student projects, providing appropriate acknowledgement is made for each item.
  • An unlimited number of staff and students can access resources concurrently.

RESTRICTIONS (Section 4 of the Licence)

The licensee (or any of its users) must not:

  • Sell or resell the resources or any of its elements
  • Alter, adapt or modify the resource
  • Make the resource (or any of its elements) available on the open web
  • Use the resource for commercial use.


  • Make sure only authorised users are issued with the access information
  • Use all reasonable effort to ensure the authorised users are aware of the terms and conditions of the Licence
  • Let Rock's Backpages know of any changes to access arrangements, e.g. change of IP address


  • Rock's Backpages will make sure the subscribing institution has access 24 hours 7 days a week except, when they need to do routine maintenance and will make all efforts to restore access as soon as possible.
  • Rock's Backpages will provide a choice of access options which – subject to restrictions at the individual institution – will enable access on site and remotely.
  • Rock's Backpages guarantees that the content of the online resource is copyright-cleared for educational use.
  • Provide usage statistics free of charge to subscribing institutions/organisations.

Access Options

Access methods How it works Benefits Constraints What you need to do Further information
IP Authentication We register your external IP range. The resource can then be accessed from any computer in your institution. No need to enter a username and password. Does not provide remote access. Provide your external IP range when you order your subscription.
Referring URL Clicking a link on a secure VLE or intranet page takes users straight into without entering a username and password. Provides remote access. Not available for institutions without a password-protected intranet area. Provide the URL of the page where you would like the link to appear. Useful information about referring URL is available from OCLC.
Shibboleth Users have one set of log-in details to access multiple online resources available through their institution. Provides remote access. Your institution must be a member of the UK Access Management Federation. Provide details of your UK Access Management Federation Administrator. Useful information about Shibboleth is provided on the JISC website.

About Usage Statistics

Rock's Backpages provides usage statistics, free of charge and available to subscribers for self-download, via its 'Your Account' page.

Project COUNTER is a standardising body that issues a Code of Practice for use by publishers and content providers to count usage so that libraries can evaluate use in consistent ways across electronic resource platforms.

The Rock’s Backpages platform offers COUNTER Release 5 (R5) compliant reports, SUSHI enabled, verified via a COUNTER audit.

Full information on COUNTER usage statistics is available at Project COUNTER.

About OpenURL Compliance

Rock's Backpages is OpenUrl compliant. The OpenURL service can be set up with both OAI-PMH access details and SRU/SRW access details.

Detailed OpenURL information for Rock's Backpages is available at

Full information on the OpenURL standard is available from ExLibris.