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Mojo Rising: Pavement

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, June 1995

WE SHOULD HAVE seen it coming, really. While other leading practitioners of lo-fi American rock – Beck, Sebadoh, Royal Trux, The Grifters, Guided By Voices ...

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Pavement's Stephen Malkmus (1996)

Interview by Ira Robbins, Rock's Backpages audio, December 1996

The Pavement front man talks about the avoidance of self-consciousness and planning; their live capabilities; the recording process; his and Scott Kannberg's respective roles in the band, and the curious band dynamics; the seriousness of their fans; his move to New York, and the curiosity of a band where everyone lives in different places.

File format: mp3; file size: 51.1mb, interview length: 53' 16" sound quality: ** (phoner)

Pavement (1998)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages audio, 29 November 1998

Messrs. Malkmus, Kannberg and Ibold on the making of the Terror Twilight album, working with Nigel Godrich, the ins-and-outs of the band... and the future of rock!

File format: mp3; file size: 60.7mb, interview length: 1h 06' 13" sound quality: **

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Pavement: CBGB'S, New York NY

Live Review by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 21 September 1991

CURRENTLY THE focus of much cultish enthusiasm, Pavement exemplify all that's groovy and all that's grievous about American underground rock right now. ...

Grunge Hell

Overview by Keith Cameron, Steven Wells, New Musical Express, 4 January 1992

It's the dawning of a new earache! Jakki Brambles is playing Daisy Chainsaw! Your parents have heard of Nirvana! Geffen are chasing Mudhoney! Madonna's into ...

Pavement: Slanted And Enchanted (Matador)

Review and Interview by Keith Cameron, Vox, June 1992

Cracked Geniuses ...

Buffalo Tom/Pavement/Sebadoh: The Cattle Club, Sacramento

Live Review by Jim Arundel, Melody Maker, 13 June 1992

ERIC IS STRANDED alone onstage behind his drum kit. Sebadoh have been announced but it's clear that the rest of the band aren't even in ...

Pavement: Some Enchanted Evenings

Interview by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 18 July 1992

The post-Nirvana deluge of grunge guitar bands is threatening to stifle rock. Only a handful of genuine mavericks and freaks are holding out against the ...

Fasten Your Safety Belts And Assume Crash Positions. We Are Now Entering The Terminally Strange World Of... Pavement

Interview by David Bennun, Melody Maker, 14 November 1992

Their brilliant abstract guitar pop has lit up the year like a beacon of unpredictable genius and their new 'Watery, Domestic' single is another glorious ...

Watch your step on Pavement

Interview by Caitlin Moran, The Times, 12 December 1992

Caitlin Moran lends an ear to music to heal the mind or mince the brain cells. ...

Sonic Youth, Pavement, Huggy Bear: Rainbow Club, Bristol

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 19 December 1992


45rpm Singles: Seven Inches of Pleasure

Report by Michael Azerrad, Rolling Stone, 4 February 1993

For bands and fans, the single is the new format of choice ...

Pavement: Surreally Saying Something

Interview by Jim Arundel, Melody Maker, 20 March 1993

In America, pavement don't seem any more surreal than drive-in burger joints, gun-toting grocers and Manhattan cable TV. ...

Pop View: The Perils of Loving Old Records Too Much

Comment by Simon Reynolds, The New York Times, 5 December 1993

TODAY'S ALTERNATIVE rock suffers from a strange kind of nostalgia — a yearning for a golden age that one never personally experienced. There's a term ...

Pavement: R U Ready 2 Unrock?!

Interview by Everett True, Melody Maker, 12 February 1994

PAVEMENT have mutated from being the weirdest band on Planet Pop to the '94 version of Easy Listening Gods, Steely Dan. EVERETT TRUE meets mainman ...

Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

Review by Ben Thompson, MOJO, March 1994

THERE WAS MUCH wailing and rending of hair throughout the land at the news that Pavement had parted ways with their crazed 40-something drummer Gary ...

Pavement: Crooked Rain

Review by Elaine Cusack, Select, March 1994

NOW BEFORE YOU START, just prepare to swallow your words if you've only ever seen Pavement as a band with a Fall fixation and a ...

Mind Games Forever — Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Matador)

Review by Eric Weisbard, L.A. Weekly, 24 March 1994

Pavement's fan-boy secrets from the corporate ledge ...

Pavement: Musique Concrete

Report and Interview by Pat Blashill, Details, April 1994

Pavement practice the art of falling apart with wrecking-ball rock 'n' roll and an apologetic postmodernism ...

Stephen Malkmus of Pavement

Interview by Elaine Cusack, Select, April 1994

AS AN AMERICAN, what do you think of the sex scandals that are sweeping British politics? Does it matter If an MP gets his rocks ...

The Road Less Traveled: Pavement's Crooked Path to Stardom

Profile and Interview by Jason Cohen, Rolling Stone, 14 July 1994

FOR A BAND that is decidedly reticent about the prospect of mass exposure, Pavement are awfully good at getting it. In their earliest days, when ...

Cypress Hill, Lemonheads, Verve, Hole et al: Reading Festival

Live Review by Cathi Unsworth, Melody Maker, 3 September 1994

READING.It's like acid; once you've tried it you swear you'll never be back for more, and yet you always are. Perhaps it's because this festival ...

Pavement: Wow! That's What I Call Music...

Interview by Simon Price, Melody Maker, 15 April 1995

PAVEMENT are the Lords of Lo-Fi, the Sultans of Slacker. They hate Smashing Pumpkins and their songs are unlistenable chunks of abstract strangeness. Basically, they're ...

Pavement: Wowee Zowee (Matador)

Review by Eric Weisbard, Spin, May 1995

THINK ABOUT IT. A band works years to learn its instruments, play out, record, suffer the blows of fortune, regroup, play better than ever — ...

Memphis Sound Machine: Easley Recording

Interview by Robert Gordon, Spin, December 1995

Bands from Sonic Youth to Pavement have turned Easley Recording into the new lo-fi capital. ...

Pavement: Liberty Lunch, Austin, Texas

Live Review by Jason Cohen, Spin, May 1996

THERE AREN'T many Australian tours with Texas on the itinerary, but leave it to Pavement's Stephen Malkmus to figure that America's Western states are, like, ...

Pavement: Brighten The Corners

Review by Paul Moody, New Musical Express, 8 February 1997

OI, DAMON! Got that limited-edition, ultra-rare, one-sided King Kong seven-inch remixed by John McEntire? Whaddyamean, "No"? ...


Interview by Ira Robbins, Pulse!, March 1997

IT'S DECONSTRUCTION time again. Right now, there's a sophomore somewhere hunkered down on the floor of his dorm room, a cigarette in one hand and ...

Pavement: Brighten the Corners (Matador)

Review by Mac Randall, Musician, April 1997

INDIE CRED. It's tough to acquire, but it's even harder to hang onto. Take the case of Pavement, a band boasting a distinctive guitar-based sound ...

Across the Cracks: Pavement

Book Excerpt by Ben Thompson, 'Seven Years of Plenty' (Gollancz), 1998

PAVEMENT HEAVEN, steps 1-7: ...

Pavement: Wowee Zowee

Review by Mark Kemp, Rolling Stone, 2 February 1998

WHAT DOES A defiantly anti-corporate rock band do when it starts getting too much attention? In Pavement's case, they recoil. ...

Nigel Godrich: How to Become a Hot Producer In Eight Easy Steps

Interview by Marc Weingarten, Rolling Stone, 21 January 1999

Beck, Radiohead and Pavement producer Nigel Godrich explains ...

Blimey! It's Pavement

Interview by Ben Thompson, The Independent, 13 May 1999

They're the masters of American underground rock. Blur kneel at their lo-fi altar. So why is Pavement's new album a homage to cricket and darts? ...

The Domino effect

Interview by Andy Gill, The Independent, 28 May 1999

So the major record labels have got things all sewn up? Not quite. As the business reels under the impact of downsizing, the cottage industry ...

Pavement Goes Overground

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, June 1999

NOBODY COULD accuse Pavement of being rock archetypes. Take the group’s frontman Stephen Malkmus, who spends much of his spare time flyfishing virgin rivers and ...

The Long and Winding Road: Pavement: Terror Twilight (Matador)

Review by RJ Smith, Spin, June 1999

Pavement turn down the noise and open up their hearts, sort of.  ...

Pavement: Terror Twilight (Domino)

Review by Paul Mathur, Melody Maker, 5 June 1999

TO BE both catchy and unhummable takes some doing. Indeed, only the Brookside theme tune has previously approximated the concept. Pavement, however, are the dons. ...

Pavement: Terror Twilight

Review by Ben Thompson, MOJO, July 1999

TERROR TWILIGHT'S penultimate track is a five and a half minute epic called 'The Hexx'. It begins with Stephen Malkmus taunting one of the swallows ...

Pavement: Taking the High Road

Profile and Interview by Marc Weingarten, Los Angeles Times, 11 July 1999

Pavement aims for wider appeal — but with just a few pop concessions on its own indie terms. ...

Pavement: Fluttering to Deceive

Interview by Robin Bresnark, Melody Maker, 18 September 1999

Since lo-fi gods PAVEMENT have a passion for horse racing, we take them to the local William Hill for some gambling tips... But is everything ...

Pavement: Brixton Academy, London ****

Live Review by Keith Cameron, The Guardian, 22 November 1999

A grave goodnight ...

A rocky place for friendships

Comment by Tom Cox, The Guardian, 27 November 1999

THIS SUMMER, I interviewed Luscious Jackson, the funky, friendly New York girl group, in a hotel suite de-renovated to resemble an adolescent bedroom on the ...

Stephen Malkmus: Invisible jukebox

Interview by Mike Barnes, The Wire, March 2001

Every month we play a musician a series of records which they're asked to identify and comment on — with no prior knowledge of what ...

Preston School of Industry: All This Sounds Gas (Domino)****

Review by Rob Hughes, Uncut, September 2001

PAVEMENT FOUNDER member emerges from dark side of the Malkmus to release solo project, whose name derives from San Francisco-area reform school ...

Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A.'s Desert Origins

Review by Pat Blashill, Rolling Stone, 25 November 2004

PAVEMENT MAY have been alternative rock's most notorious mess, but this deluxe reissue of their best album, appended with nearly forty extra tracks, illuminates one ...

Gold Standardz: Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA's Desert Origins (Matador)

Review by Will Hermes, Spin, December 2004

Pavement's second album gets classic-rock props ...

Pavement Get Back On The Horse

Interview by Keith Cameron, The Guardian, 29 April 2010

Pavement's reunion tour is a gamble in more ways than one — especially for its horse-racing drummer ...

Pavement: Brixton Academy, London

Live Review by Pete Paphides, The Times, 12 May 2010

IT'S A LITTLE odd to dispense your first thank-you, as the Pavement percussionist Bob Nastanovich did, within seconds of walking on stage. However, in the ...

A Trip To Oya In Oslo Via Pavement, Munch & MIA 

Report by Chris Roberts, The Quietus, 20 August 2010

IF YOU GO for a cigarette on the fourth floor balcony of the hotel, you see cruise-ships and boats flanking a floating stage, upon which ...

Common Ground: Pavement in Iceland

Report and Interview by Irina Shtreis, The Reykjavik Grapevine, 4 August 2023

The Reykjavik Grapevine attends the show by the trailblazing American indie collective. ...

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