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The Backpages interview: Stephen Malkmus

Interview by Edward Helmore, Rock's Backpages, 13 January 2001

After a decade working the streets with Pavement, lo-fi pin-up king Stephen Malkmus has cut himself free from the band to wander free. ...

Stephen Malkmus: Stephen Malkmus

Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, February 2001

Pavement ex-frontman goes solo ...

Stephen Malkmus: Easy Street

Interview by Ben Thompson, Daily Telegraph, 24 February 2001

In the high-voltage world of alternative rock, American singer Stephen Malkmus has always preferred a more relaxed path. ...

Stephen Malkmus: Stephen Malkmus

Review by Ben Thompson, MOJO, March 2001

Solo debut from ex-Pavement mainman and urbane resident of Portland, Oregon. Think Pavement, but with longer hair. ...

Stephen Malkmus: Invisible jukebox

Interview by Mike Barnes, The Wire, March 2001

Every month we play a musician a series of records which they're asked to identify and comment on — with no prior knowledge of what ...

Stephen Malkmus: Things I Like

Interview by Rob Hughes, The Word, August 2011

Pavement founder turned Jick-In-Chief, Thin Lizzy nut, chaser of "the cinematic '70s", jealous of Joanna Newsom. ...

Stephen Malkmus: Man in the Mirror

Interview by Steve LaBate, Paste, 16 August 2011

IN SWELTERING L.A. — Hollywood, to be exact, right on the Sunset Strip — Stephen Malkmus and his band, the Jicks, are hard at work ...

Stephen Malkmus: Gold Soundz

Interview by Jamie Atkins, Record Collector, May 2018

As leader of the Jicks and ex-frontman of Pavement, Stephen Malkmus' work has proved enormously influential. But what's on regular rotation on his turntable? Jamie ...

Stephen Malkmus Doesn't Think He Was a Jerk

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, The New York Times, 14 May 2018

"I HATE BEING TAN," Stephen Malkmus said almost immediately, standing in the lobby of a Midtown hotel. His olive complexion, the unwanted result of a ...

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