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McGuinn, Clark and Hillman: McGuinn, Clark & Hillman

Review by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 3 February 1979

IF WATCHING someone you once admired attempting to be inspired is the most pathetic sight imaginable, as some bloke maintained in last week's ish, then ...

McGuinn Clark and Hillman: Flight From The Past

Profile and Interview by Mark Leviton, BAM, 2 March 1979

LOS ANGELES — To examine the fates of original Byrds members Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, and Chris Hillman as they form a new act for ...

McGuinn, Clark & Hillman: McGuinn, Clark & Hillman

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, May 1979

HAD RECORDS LIKE 'The World Turns All Around Her', 'She Don't Care About Time', and 'I Feel A Whole Lot Better' been products of your ...

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