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Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn and Gene Clark (1977)

Interview by John Tobler, Rock's Backpages audio, 30 April 1977

The three former Byrds discuss the prospect of being onstage together after some years apart; the possibility of a new Byrds album, and their own new bands and albums: Roger McGuinn's Thunderbyrd, Chris Hillman's Slippin' Away, and Gene Clark's Two Sides to Every Story.

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On the Beat

Column by Louise Criscione, KRLA Beat, 26 March 1966

SAD NEWS for Byrd lovers — Gene Clark is suffering from "nervous strain" and has been advised by doctors not to undertake any further personal ...

DISCussion: singles from Gene Clark, Buffalo Springfield and more

Review by Eden, KRLA Beat, 31 December 1966

ONE OF the prettiest records to date from Cher is her newest, 'Mama'. This one is another Sonny Bono composition, and it really is a ...

What's In Store For Drake Levin (Ex-Raider), Gene Clark (Ex-Byrd)

Interview by Jim Delehant, Hit Parader, March 1967

Will they start a store together? Maybe a diner or a hockey team, or mow lawns? Naw.... because the other day we were sitting on ...

Reunion Of Old Byrds: A Time For Peace

Report and Interview by Judith Sims, Rolling Stone, 4 January 1973

LOS ANGELES — The five original Byrds are together again and not for the last time. They've made their first album together since Turn! Turn! ...

The Soulful Return Of Gene Clark

Profile and Interview by Mick Brown, Sounds, 24 January 1976

WHILE ROGER McGuinn plays with his electronic toys in his Hollywood mansion and makes records that are mere shadows of his past work; while David ...

Gene Clark: Zenmaster

Essay by Steve Burgess, Dark Star, June 1976

IN THE END they traded their tired wingsFor the resignation that living bringsAnd exchanged love's bright and fragile glowFor the glitter and the rougeAnd in ...

Echoes: An Interview With Gene Clark

Interview by Steve Burgess, Dark Star, June 1977

WAY BACK THEN, in DARK STAR 3, I wheeled out something called "Gene Clark: Zenmaster", a highly personal crit of the myth-spinner himself, whose music ...

Gene Clark: Whisky A Go Go, Los Angeles

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 21 June 1977

A Forgotten Man in the Spotlight ...

Gene Clark and Carla Olson: At My Place, Santa Monica CA

Live Review by Gerrie Lim, L.A. Weekly, 2 April 1987

"IT'S JUST a little folk music," Gene Clark deadpans to the packed house in Santa Monica, and he couldn't have been more self-deprecating. This was ...

Gene Clark's Last Stand

Memoir by Steve Roeser, Goldmine, 28 June 1991

GENE CLARK'S last performance took place about a mile or so from the spot where the Byrds took off from 27 years ago – Ciro's ...

In Memoriam: The Byrds' Gene Clark (1944-1991)

Memoir by Bill Wasserzieher, Full Circle, September 1991

THE LAST TIME I had a conversation with Gene Clark was on a sunny Sunday afternoon in April at Aron's Record Store in Hollywood, not ...

Gene Clark: Flying High (Polydor)

Review by Jon Savage, MOJO, 1998

UNTIL RECENTLY, Gene Clark has been one of rock's best kept secrets. Harassed by his Byrd colleagues, ignored as the real inventor of country rock ...

Gene Clark

Overview by Sid Griffin, MOJO, August 1998

JUST ACROSS HOLLYWOOD Boulevard from Mann's Chinese Theatre, where the stars imprint their hands and feet in cement, stands the Roosevelt Hotel. A showplace hotel ...

The alternative top 10

Guide by Tom Cox, The Guardian, 29 January 1999

1 Nick Drake Bryter Layter (Island, 1970) ...

Gene Clark: Flight Fantastic

Retrospective by Adam Sweeting, Uncut, July 2001


Gene Clark: White Light

Review by Jon Savage, MOJO, August 2002

"THERE WAS so much I was told that was not real," Gene Clark croons on the haunting 'With Tomorrow', "so many things I could not ...

John Einarson: Mr. Tambourine Man – The Life and Legacy of the Byrds' Gene Clark by John Einarson (Backbeat)

Book Review by Bill Wasserzieher, Ugly Things, Summer 2005

GENE CLARK of the Byrds was many things - a charismatic stage presence in a '60s band that became an American icon; a gifted and ...

The Rock Snob's Dictionary: An Introduction

Book Excerpt by David Kamp, Broadway Books, February 2006

2021 AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was written in 2005 and does not entirely hold up today. (But most of it does.) ...

Gene Clark remembered: "Genius and insanity hand in hand…"

Retrospective by Luke Torn, Uncut, May 2008

IT'S ANOTHER DAY in the busy life of one of the biggest bands in America. The Byrds have just recorded 'Eight Miles High', and are ...

The Byrd Who Flew Alone: The Triumphs and Tragedy of Gene Clark (Four Suns DVD)

Film/DVD/TV Review by Bill Wasserzieher, Ugly Things, Spring 2014

OF ALL THE hard-luck tales about musicians who died before their time – Brian Jones, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Parsons, Bloomfield, Cobain, Winehouse, et al. – ...

Gene Clark: 10 of the best

Guide by David Bennun, The Guardian, 28 September 2016

From hallucinatory stormers to Dylan-esque big-city tales, here are 10 tracks that define an artist forever ahead of a game he always ended up losing. ...

Gene Clark: No Other

Review by Kieron Tyler, The Arts Desk, 3 November 2019

Deep-digging revisitation of one of the pre-punk 70s' best albums ...

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