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High Fidelity

High Fidelity

High Fidelity was an American publication covering both music, its creators, and the technology with which it was played and recorded.

8 articles

Steely Dan Sans Sarcasm

Profile and Interview by Sam Sutherland, High Fidelity, November 1977

STEELY DAN has been insinuating their mordant, pop-noir sensibility into the American musical mainstream for over five years now, and from the outset they've smartly ...

The Commodores: 'Easy' like $60 Million

Profile and Interview by Steven X Rea, High Fidelity, April 1980

TOMMY McCLARY, his white Adidas pressed up against the sound-booth glass, sits in an insulated cubicle adjoining the studio control room eliciting a succession of ...

Material: One Down (Elektra 60206)

Review by Sam Sutherland, High Fidelity, March 1983

CHARACTERIZING MATERIAL'S work as "new music" could be somewhat misleading, since synthetic pop proponents have recently begun to use the term in lieu of "new ...

New Edition: Candy Girl (Streetwise SWRL 3301)

Review by Mitchell Cohen, High Fidelity, October 1983

NEW EDITION'S hit 'Candy Girl' is an uncanny re-creation of the early Jackson 5's pop-soul effervescence, down to the last vocal inflection. But it's not ...

Tom Waits: Swordfishtrombones (Island ILPS90095-1)

Review by Sam Sutherland, High Fidelity, January 1984

BETWEEN HIS fall from grace at his old record company (due as much to executive shifts as poor sales) and his time-consuming involvement in the ...

Was (Not Was): Caught in an Elevator

Interview by Sam Sutherland, High Fidelity, April 1984

The assortment of artists on a Was (Not Was) album appears accidental. But it's not. Really. ...

Prince: Rock 'N' Roll Feels The Fire

Report by John Morthland, High Fidelity, December 1985

The PMRC isn't only out to censor sex and violence. John Denver could be next. ...

LL Cool J: L.L. Cool J: Radio (Del Jam 8FC 40239. Distributed by Columbia.)

Review by RJ Smith, High Fidelity, February 1986

THIS IS A test. Entrepreneurs Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons recently inked a distribution deal with Columbia, heralding potentially the biggest commercial boost to underground ...

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