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Nils Lofgren: I Came To Dance

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, June 1977

MAYBE NILS LOFGREN always was sort of a dummy. But his heart was in the right place (on his sleeve), he was capable of inventing ...

Nils Lofgren: Nils Lofgren (A&M)

Review by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, February 1975

WELL, THIS IS more like it. Nils Lofgren, in his first solo attempt, has come up with a smashing album that restores him to the ...

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Nils Lofgren (2011)

Interview by Ian Ravendale, Rock's Backpages audio, 9 July 2011

The diminutive picker looks back on his lengthy, fascinating career: the struggles of Grin; playing on Neil Young's After The Gold Rush, Tonight's The Night, and further Young-led adventures; going solo, and his lengthy association with Bruce Springsteen.

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Nils Lofgren: A Study in Patience and Power

Profile and Interview by Richard Harrington, The Washington Post, 22 October 1977

NILS LOFGREN, the diminutive Washington-bred rock figure, is intrigued by the idea of success by elimination. "It's encouraging that a rock 'n' roll artist with ...

Nils Lofgren: Bottom Line, New York NY

Live Review by Paul Nelson, The Village Voice, 1 September 1975

Nils Lofgren: Quicksand ...

Nils Lofgren: Nils Lofgren (A&M Sp-4509)

Review by Bruce Malamut, Crawdaddy!, May 1975

THE GOFFIN-King classic, 'Goin' Back', has got to be one of the great melancholy rock/drama tunes of all time. The Byrds once did it proud, ...

How Nils Lofgren Almost Became the Next Big Thing

Retrospective by Mitchell Cohen, Music Aficionado, 2019

THE ADVERTISEMENT for Grin, the first album that positioned Nils Lofgren front-and-center in his own band, said "until recently, only insiders could be absolutely certain ...

Nils Lofgren, the Cate Brothers: Bottom Line, New York NY

Live Review by Toby Goldstein, Sounds, 17 April 1976

Would you buy a used trampoline from this man? ...

Nils Lofgren: Cry Tough (A&M SP 4573)

Review by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, April 1976

DEFINITELY A star cover. Great guitar hero pose of Lofgren coolly firing away, shrouded in a purple haze — by far his most sympathetic cover ...

Kool & The Gang, Joan Jett & the Black Hearts et al: Drive Aid, Radio City Music Hall, New York

Live Review by Toby Goldstein, Creem, July 1986


The Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp

Report and Interview by Bob Spitz, Delta Sky, December 1997

IT WASN'T UNTIL Friday night, when Frank Gonzales belted out a monster version of 'Double Vision', that everyone realized the significance-the true beauty of the ...

Derringer, Nils Lofgren: Schaefer Music Festival, Wollman Rink, New York NY

Live Review by Dave Marsh, Rolling Stone, 9 September 1976

Central Park Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo ...

Nils Lofgren: Nils' Desperados

Interview by Max Bell, Vox, June 1991

A lovely guy, Nils Lofgren. Ask Bruce, Neil, Bob, Lou or Keef. Rock's shortest top sidekick tells Max Bell about life with the E Street ...

Nils Lofgren

Interview by Howard Wuelfing, Unicorn Times, September 1975

ON THE EVE of his upcoming nationwide tour, Nils Lofgren returned to his home turf August 16th, to preview his new band treating a small ...

Nils Lofgren: Training To Do A Guitar Flip!

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 17 May 1975

NEW YORK: "It's not that I don't like playing with Neil Young," said Nils Lofgren between shots on the pool table in A&M's office last ...

Nils Lofgren: I Came to Dance (A&M)

Review by Wesley Strick, Circus, 9 June 1977

NILS GOT A haircut. Check the sleek black cover of Lofgren's latest — he looks like a troublemaker. A certified Travis Bickle time-bomb, Nils is ...

Nils Lofgren: Nils (A&M)

Review by Paul Rambali, New Musical Express, 16 June 1979

COME ON, let's talk about girls. Let's talk about Lofgren, the bruised heart. ...

Nils Lofgren: America's Best Native Guitarist?

Profile and Interview by Michael Gross, Circus, July 1975

STANDING OVER A pool table in A&M Records' New York offices, lining up a shot and then pausing to draw on a cigarette, Nils Lofgren ...

Nils Lofgren: Rock 'n' Roll's Great Lost Hero

Interview by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 15 September 1979

ONE: FINGERNAILSNILS LOFGREN is a small man with a lovely face. One chocolate brown eye is smaller, almost lazier, than the other; this gives his ...

Nils Lofgren: Cry Tough (A&M) 37 min. *****

Review by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 27 March 1976

RELAX. THIS kid is hot stuff. Nils Lofgren has not let us down. Cry Tough is the best rock 'n roll album since Nils Lofgren. ...

Nils Lofgren: The E Street Flip

Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, November 1985

NEW JERSEY – There he is, taking windmill swipes at his guitar with wild abandon, then doing a complete flip on the Meadowlands stage while ...

Nils Lofgren Sucks Eggs

Interview by Susan Whitall, Creem, February 1977

Not really, but you read this far, didn't you? ...

The Second Coming of Nils Lofgren

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Sounds, 18 August 1979

IT'S A COMMON complaint among watchers of American late-night television. Everything is going along as normal, all the right cliches are being spoken, when you ...

Nils Lofgren: New Victoria, London

Live Review by Ian Birch, Sounds, 15 May 1976

I REALLY wanted to be knocked over, under, sideways, down by the concert. Especially after last November's disappointingly patchy performance. I mean right from those ...

Concluding A Natter With The Soft Funster Himself, Nils Lofgren

Interview by Andy Childs, ZigZag, March 1977

WHAT ELSE did you do between the breakup of Grin and your first solo album, apart from producing that album for Charlie & The Pep ...

Nils Lofgren: New Victoria, London

Live Review by Chris Salewicz, New Musical Express, 15 May 1976

I SAW LOFGREN'S gig at the same theatre at the end of last year. It was duff. His band didn't gell and the sound was ...

Thirteen Views Of Nils Lofgren

Interview by Charles Bermant, Unicorn Times, December 1983

NILS LOFGREN'S LIFE can best be described by a poignant line from 'Like Rain', a song he wrote in his teens that he will probably ...

Nils Lofgren: Can He Beat The Press

Profile and Interview by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, March 1976

NILS LOFGREN, AS SHAMEFULLY under-appreciated a top-flight rock & roller as America has ever spawned, now finds himself suffering, ironically, from overappreciation from certain sectors ...

Nils Lofgren: Nils

Review by Don Snowden, Los Angeles Times, 2 September 1979

NILS LOFGREN was widely regarded as a sure bet for rock stardom during the mid '70. The singer-songwriter-guitarist's early solo albums and efforts with the ...

Nils Lofgren

Interview by Barbara Charone, Sounds, 1 May 1976

"I'M A ROMANTICIST for life," Lofgren says, sprawled on the bed of his third floor room at Swingo's Celebrity Motel. "Three years ago I wanted ...

Nils Lofgren: Crazy Horse, Neil Young, Grin All That Mob

Interview by Chris Briggs, ZigZag, December 1973

1973 HAS BEEN the year that saw legendary heroes hit the floor. Bryan Ferry lampooned Bob Dylan in a sordid attempt to establish his own ...

Nils Lofgren: Back It Up!

Review by Tom Nolan, Phonograph Record, January 1976

AFTER FOUR ALBUMS with Grin, guest-work with Crazy Horse and Neil Young, and one solo album, Nils Lofgren – creator of a body of songs ...

Nils Lofgren: Nils Lofgren (A&M)

Review by Andy Childs, ZigZag, September 1975

THE FATE that was thanklessly bestowed upon Grin's fourth album Gone Crazy, is fortunately, and perhaps miraculously, not to apply to this record, i.e. it ...

Who, Stranglers: Laser Laser On The Wall Who Are Complacent After All

Live Review by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 25 August 1979

THE MIDDLE OF the evening and it's getting quite dim. The Who are playing a new song; at least, I take it to be a ...

The Who / The Stranglers/ AC/DC /Nils Lofgren: Wembley Stadium, London

Live Review by Harry Doherty, Melody Maker, 25 August 1979

NOT ONE OF the great Wembley encounters, we decided, as the car crept another couple of feet in the late Saturday evening jam. ...

Nils Lofgren: I Came To Dance

Review and Interview by Lester Bangs, Phonograph Record, April 1977

"I am 25, and I intend to keep playing my ass off when I'm 30 and way past that, too." ...

Nils Lofgren: Wonderland

Review by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, 17 September 1983

This LP — Lofgren's first since 81 — sails off on a gritty, catchy duet with Edgar Winter, then slides into a loner ballad ('Into ...

Nils Lofgren: Teenage Genius Grinned

Interview by Penny Valentine, Street Life, 1 November 1975

TEN years after he heard his first rock record: "I thought pop music was too simple, I could call out all the chords and analyse ...

The Selling Of Nils Lofgren

Profile and Interview by Penny Valentine, Street Life, 29 November 1975

The chalked sign on the blackboard at Manchester University reads: Tonight – Nils Lofgren, and then in brackets Ex-Neil Young & Crazy Horse. The price ...

Nils Lofgren, Johnny Winter: University of Texas, Dallas

Live Review by Miles, New Musical Express, 27 August 1977

THE UNIVERSITY of Texas auditorium was packed and standing with 3,300 big people. Some were seven foot tall, wearing Stetson hats, cowboy boots and chewing ...

Nils Lofgren: Nils Desperandum

Interview by Ralph Traitor, Sounds, 6 July 1985

On the eve of Springsteen’s London dates Ralph Traitor tracks down Nils Lofgren, the latest resident on E street. ...

Nils Lofgren: Rock ‘N’ Roll Gymnast

Interview by Andy Childs, ZigZag, March 1977

Friday 25th February: Andy Childs talks with Nils Lofgren during a flying visit to London to hype his new album... which is where we begin. ...

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