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Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Troubadour, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 13 March 1969

Neil Young Featured in Show at Troubadour ...

Neil Young's Crazy Horse In Club Bow

Live Review by Stephen M H Braitman, Van Nuys Valley News, 14 March 1969

THE TROUBADOUR in Hollywood just may acquire the reputation as the showcase for new groups emanating from the ashes of the now defunct Buffalo Springfield. ...

Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Warner Bros.-Seven Arts)

Review by Mike Gormley, Detroit Free Press, 6 June 1969

NEIL YOUNG has allowed his full creative ability loose and hasn't ignored any type of music he's acquainted with in putting this album together. ...

Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Reprise)

Review by Mark Williams, International Times, 15 August 1969

THE AFFECTION one feels for Neil Young is already immense because of his contribution to Buffalo Springfield, and the many beautiful things he wrote and ...

Neil Young: Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA

Live Review by John Mendelssohn, Los Angeles Times, 2 April 1970

Neil Young Appears Singly ...

Neil Young: Songs of Innocence, Songs of Restraint

Profile and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Fusion, 17 April 1970

NEIL YOUNG HAS A voice like a sunrise, fresh with promise, wise with years and practice, something you turn to for light encouragement and warmth. ...

Crazy Horse: Crazy Horse

Review by John Mendelsohn, Rolling Stone, 29 April 1971

FROM THE VERY start, friends, I've always wished I could enjoy Creedence Clearwater as much as I admire them for their unremitting tunefulness and refreshing ...

Rita Coolidge, Crazy Horse: The Troubadour, Los Angeles

Live Review by Colman Andrews, Phonograph Record, March 1972

CRAZY HORSE, which was once Neil Young's sometimes back-up group and which also used to have Jack Nitzsche sitting on the piano bench, is currently ...

Crazy Horse: Crazy Horse At Crooked Lake (Epic £2.29) **

Review by Andrew Tyler, Disc, 20 January 1973

LIKE THOSE unfortunates who happen to be the son, daughter, sister or brother of a famous personage, Crazy Horse seemed to be lumbered with the ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Graham Nash, Cheech & Chong: the Roxy, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 29 September 1973

Neil joins Roxy music! ...

Nils Lofgren: Crazy Horse, Neil Young, Grin All That Mob

Interview by Chris Briggs, ZigZag, December 1973

1973 HAS BEEN the year that saw legendary heroes hit the floor. Bryan Ferry lampooned Bob Dylan in a sordid attempt to establish his own ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Palladium Theatre, NYC

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 27 November 1976

NEW YORK Only an artist with the charisma and talent of Nell Young could perform with a lacklustre band such as the current Crazy Horse ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: The Forum, Los Angeles

Live Review by Sylvie Simmons, Sounds, 11 November 1978

COMES A time when even Neil Young has to do something different with his live shows than the acoustic set followed by hard-rock-with-band bit. ...

Crazy Horse: In Full Gallop

Profile and Interview by Dave Zimmer, BAM, 19 January 1979

SAN FRANCISCO – During the past several years Billy Talbot, Ralph Molina, and Frank Sampedro played before standing room only crowds in some of the ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Re-Ac-Tor (Reprise HS 2304)

Review by Steven X Rea, High Fidelity, January 1982

THERE ARE two Neil Youngs: the wacked out rocker with the reckless, turbulent guitar that cuts to the bone with the steely force of a ...

Neil Young/Crazy Horse: Re•ac•tor (Reprise)

Review by Fred Schruers, Musician, February 1982

WE'RE TALKING dirty guitars in excelsis here; under the headphones, this record sounds like an automatic weapons fire-fight in a sawmill — or better yet, ...

Neil Young And Crazy Horse: Life (Geffen)

Review by Jane Solanas, New Musical Express, 4 July 1987

YOU WON'T SEE Neil Young on the cover of your modern NME, but this album is worth a whole lot more than Suzanne Vega's entire ...

Crazy Horse: Who Is Neil Young's Band, Anyway?

Interview by Dave DiMartino, Musician, November 1987

DOES CRAZY Horse have day jobs or something? These guys have played on the Neil Young records most people swear by. From 1969's Everybody Knows ...

Neil Young: Rockin' in the Neil world

Interview by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, 9 September 1990

"HOW MANY guitar solos can you play? I've had it!" declared Neil Young. ...

Neil Young: Ragged Glory (Reprise); The Kinsey Report: Powerhouse (pointblank)

Review by Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, 13 September 1990

Aged Young still wild at heart ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Ragged Glory (Reprise)*****

Review by Robin Gibson, Sounds, 15 September 1990

Young, gifted and back ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Ragged Glory

Review by Edwin Pouncey, Vox, October 1990

LIKE BOB DYLAN (his closest creative counterpart) Neil Young likes to keep his audience on its toes. For every critically acclaimed 'classic' that is punched ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Ragged Glory (Reprise)

Review by Dave DiMartino, Musician, October 1990

The Force of the Horse: Neil Young & Crazy Horse Triumphant ...

Neil Young: Ragged But Right

Interview by Fred Schruers, Musician, February 1991

RIGHT THIS minute out here on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, the future of gutbucket rock stands in some question. ...

Still riding on Crazy Horse

Interview by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, 2 February 1991

NO MATTER what his touring format — with high-tech synthesizers and video screens; in a down-home, fiddle-based country band; as part of a horn-led R ...

Neil Young & Crazy Horse/Sonic Youth: Madison Square Garden, New York NY

Live Review by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 16 February 1991


Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Weld/Arc-Weld (Reprise/All formats)

Review by Edwin Pouncey, New Musical Express, 19 October 1991


Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Broken Arrow

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Request, August 1996

NINE MONTHS AGO, I stood in a field in England watching Neil Young close the Reading Festival and realized the following: If you can play ...

Crazy Horse: Ralph, Billy, Poncho... and Neil

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, July 1997

THERE'S A SCENE in Year Of The Horse, looks like one of those scenic theme park rides, where Neil Young and crewperson are sitting talking ...

Shakey: Neil Young's biography by Jimmy McDonough

Book Review by Adam Sweeting, Uncut, September 2002

MOST ROCK stars realise they need to plug the new album and stir up column inches when concert tickets go on sale, but eventually it ...

Neil Young: Against the Tide

Retrospective and Interview by Mark Cooper, Observer Music Monthly, 11 October 2008

Charles Manson, the Iraq war, a near fatal aneurysm: Neil Young has spent five decades fighting anything foolish enough to get in his way. On ...

Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Americana

Review by Holly Gleason, Paste, 6 June 2012

ONLY NEIL YOUNG could take the campfire chestnut 'Oh, Susannah' and turn it into something that demands The Frug. But Young opens Americana, his folk'n'protest ...

Neil Young: Waging Heavy Peace/Journeys/Psychedelic Pill/live in Seattle

Review by Charles Bermant, Rock's Backpages, 12 November 2012

SIX YEARS AGO, Neil Young brought his CSN buddies through town imploring the country to impeach the president for lying. This week he began the ...

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