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Howard Kaylan: Mother Was A Turtle

Interview by Harold Bronson, Rolling Stone, 16 September 1971

LOS ANGELES – Working in the Turtles, working in the Mothers, it's all the same, Harold Kaylan says. But he has undergone a transition nevertheless. ...

David Bowie & the Spiders from Mars, Phlorescent Leech and Eddie, Sylvester: Winterland, San Francisco CA

Live Review by Philip Elwood, The San Francisco Examiner, 28 October 1972

Bowie Band Fails To Arouse Crowd ...

Alice Cooper, Flo & Eddie: With Alice in Glasgow

Report by Ed Jones, Cracker, November 1972

GREEN'S PLAYHOUSE is like a vast seedy Roman amphitheatre, a black roaring cauldron of sweat, smoke and screams. The Glasgow audience is tough, gritty and ...

Flo and Eddie: Flo & Eddie

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 26 May 1973

MR. HOWARD KAYLAN and Mr. Mark Volman are a somewhat literal-minded pair. When they originally left the protectve aegis of Frank Zappa to strike out ...


Column by Mark Shipper, Phonograph Record, June 1973

EDITOR'S NOTE: After many months of intensive negotiations with his career advisors and financial counselors, Phonograph Record Magazine is pleased to announce the acquisition of ...

Flo and Eddie: Flo and Eddie

Review by Ken Barnes, Rolling Stone, 7 June 1973

Flo & Eddie's second album is a much more complex undertaking than their first and for the most part it succeeds admirably. Where Kaylan and ...

Flo & Eddie's Media Mania

Interview by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, August 1974

WHEN WE LAST left our heroes Flo and Eddie (PRM September '73), they were poised on the brink of substantial obscurity. ...

Flo & Eddie's Mock Turtles

Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 7 September 1974

From the Turtles via the Mothers and T. Rex to their own radio show. Chris Charlesworth meets Flo and Eddie in New York ...

Flo & Eddie: The Roxy, Los Angeles

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Phonograph Record, May 1975

PERHAPS THE MOST absolutely heart-rending of the many touching moments provided by Flo & Eddie during their show at the Roxy came early in the ...

Flo & Eddie: Illegal, Immoral & Fattening

Review by Richard Cromelin, Phonograph Record, September 1975

IN THE SPIRIT of fair play which should be utmost in our minds this Bicentennial year, PRM sent invitations to a wide spectrum of rock ...

Flo & Eddie: Illegal, Immoral and Fattening

Review by Ben Edmonds, Rolling Stone, 23 October 1975

INSIDIOUS. Here we have the mainspring of the Turtles, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan, with an album that contains two songs (‘Rebecca’ and ‘Let Me ...

Flo & Eddie Post-Turtles: So Snappy Together

Interview by Richard Cromelin, Rolling Stone, 1 January 1976

ON THE ROAD IN INDIANA – "Shit," laments Howard Kaylan (Eddie), whose long silver hair and gray beard give him the appearance of a lecherous ...

Flo & Eddie: Moving Targets

Review by Ben Edmonds, Phonograph Record, August 1976

SO WHAT WOULD you do if you were Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman? ...

Blind Date with Flo & Eddie

Review by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, May 1977

A monthly blindfold test by those masters of Slander Rock, Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan ...

Rock Stars Talk Back

Comment by Susan Whitall, Creem, May 1977

Dozens listen. ...

Flo and Eddie and Marc, Frank and More

Retrospective and Interview by Dave Thompson, Goldmine, 2002

THEY WERE THE VOICE of the American 1960s, sainted providers of the angelic harmonies and grooved-out choruses that served up the most innocent psychedelia your ...

Zappa And The Mothers – The Flo And Eddie Years

Retrospective and Interview by Dave Thompson, Goldmine, 2002

BETWEEN MID-1970 and the end of 1971, Frank Zappa was at his peak as rock’s premier satirist and spokesman, an 18-month period during which he ...

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