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Vintage Jazz Mart

Vintage Jazz Mart

Vintage Jazz Mart is the World's Leading Magazine For Collectors of Jazz 78s, Blues 78s, Jazz & Blues LPs, plus reviews, articles and research. As well as focusing on trading, VJM includes well-researched and illustrated articles, along with reviews and previews of the best jazz and blues CDs, books, and other media likely to interest its readers. The magazine is also available as an online PDF version.


2 articles

Various Artists: The Rough Guide To Country Blues/The Rough Guide To The Roots Of Country Music

Review by Tony Burke, Vintage Jazz Mart, Fall 2019

Two 25-track CD sets containing an excellent cross section of artists representing the best in 1920s and 1930s country blues and hillbilly music. ...

Charlie Parker: The Savoy 10" LP Collection

Review by Tony Burke, Vintage Jazz Mart, Fall 2020

2020 MARKS Charlie Parker's Centennial and as part of the celebrations Craft Recordings have re-issued Parker's 10" Savoy LPs with restored original album artwork, detailed booklet ...

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