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The Mothers of Invention, Alice Cooper, Wild Man Fischer: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by John Mendelssohn, UCLA Daily Bruin, 15 January 1969

Frank Zappa and other frightening occurrences ...

Wild Man Fischer: An Evening With Wild Man Fischer (Bizarre 6332)

Review by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 5 May 1969

A RATHER unusual album froze me between my loudspeakers one late night last week and, though I am not sure it is entertainment and would ...

Frank Zappa: Listen With Mothers

Profile and Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 11 July 1970

FRANK ZAPPA has emerged as one of the most interesting, lucid, energetic, entertaining and creative figures in contemporary music. He has frequently complained of being ...

Wild Man Fischer: An Evening With Wild Man Fischer (Reprise)

Review by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 11 July 1970

Frank Zappa's "It had to be done" experiment finally released after some 18 months. Many will already have heard import copies of this two album ...

Wildman Larry Fischer: Neurotic? Paranoid? Depressed?

Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 2 September 1978

THE FIRST time I met Larry Fischer was early one Sunday morning in the shadow of the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, at the fabled ...

Wild Man Fischer: Look Out, Las Vegas

Profile and Interview by Steven X Rea, Chic, December 1978

"I'LL BET YOU that if I played Las Vegas, Don Rickles, Frank Sinatra, Buddy Hackett, everybody in that place would look up to me and ...

Wild Man Fischer's One-of-a-Kind Mind

Profile and Interview by Mark Leviton, BAM, 1 June 1984

LOS ANGELES — "Mark!" Larry "Wild Man" Fischer's voice crackles over the telephone. "I'm depressed. The music business is hard... I might be doing some ...

I Am The Band: Bob Log III and the One-Man-Band

Report and Interview by Chris Campion, Dazed & Confused, June 2003

Let me introduce the band to you. On the cymbal… left foot. Over here on the bass drum, we've got right foot. Shut up! My left hand does ...

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