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Tortoise: Millions Now Living Will Never Die (City Slang EFA 04972)

Review by David Sinclair, The Times, 26 January 1996

THE "POST-rock" conceptualist ensemble from Chicago, Tortoise, do not travel on the fast track. Exhibiting a lofty disregard for conventional song structures, their wholly instrumental ...

Tortoise: Carapace at the gates of dawn

Interview by Caitlin Moran, The Times, 26 January 1996

Tortoise don't write tunes or sing songs. Instead, they make me cry ...

Tortoise: Shell On Earth

Profile and Interview by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 3 February 1996

The new TORTOISE album, with its radical approach to rock, dub, trip hop and avant-Techno, will blow your mind. SIMON REYNOLDS heralds the future ...

Tortoise: Getting Up To Speed

Interview by Rob Young, The Wire, March 1996

Depending on your point of view, American group Tortoise are either cutting edge avant rock, or ponderous Prog revivalists. Either way, the buzz generated by ...

Tortoise: MichaelangeLo-Fi

Profile and Interview by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 13 April 1996

Like Michaelangelo and his Ninja mates, they're mutant crossover crazies in a half shell! They are Chicago's TORTOISE and, supporting ver 'Lab on their British ...

Tortoise, Flying Saucer Attack: Electric Ballroom, London

Live Review by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 21 September 1996

SOMEWHERE IN the paranoid corners of your mind, there are scientists trying to claim this music as their own. They erect cages of solemn reason ...

Tortoise, Mouse On Mars, Salaryman, Long Fin Killie: Electric Ballroom, London

Live Review by Mike Barnes, The Wire, February 1998

IN 1997 THE toilers on rock's margins buffed their edges, dubbed in some breathing space and inserted enough kitsch samples to bring their experiments closer ...

Tortoise: TNT (City Slang)

Review by Stevie Chick, Melody Maker, 7 March 1998

THE PROBLEM with prog rock was that it didn't actually progress anywhere; musical frontierism was merely a smokescreen for some of the most wanky follies ...

Tortoise: TNT

Review by David Stubbs, Uncut, April 1998

Test card music for the Gods. Band at vanguard of American 'post-rock' developments ...

Tortoise: Standards

Review and Interview by Mike Barnes, MOJO, March 2001

This time with added tunes! Album number four heralds a return to form for the chameleonic Chicago instrumental collective. ...

Shell unsuited: Tortoise

Interview by Lisa Verrico, The Times, 20 February 2004

The ever-uncommercial Tortoise ...

Tortoise / Cluster: Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Review by Stephen Dalton, The Times, November 2009

CURRENT DEFINITIONS of jazz are clearly somewhat flexible, judging by the avant-rock double bill that closed this year's London Jazz Festival on Sunday night. The ...

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