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Julian Cope (1991)

Interview by uncredited writer, Rock's Backpages audio, April 1991

Presenting his new album Peggy Suicide to the French rock press, Julian Cope expounds on not caring, not being Sting or Billy Bragg; Peggy Suicide being Mother Earth freaking out; how being a cult = not selling records, and on being an ambassador of looseness, trying to turn people on that it's cool to hang upside down or take drugs.

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Teardrop Explodes: Band on the Wall, Manchester

Live Review by Mick Middles, Sounds, 24 March 1979

SUDDENLY, OUT of the depths of complete obscurity the Teardrop Explodes have become the most talked about new band in the North West. Two weeks ...

The Teardrop Explodes, The Wall: Russell Club, Manchester

Live Review by Mick Middles, Sounds, 14 July 1979

TWO CONTRASTING styles of modern musick. ...

The Teardrop Explodes: Teardrops Rising

Report and Interview by Penny Kiley, Melody Maker, 21 July 1979

Are Teardrop Explodes the best thing to come out of Liverpool since… (oh, you know who)? And where do Echo and the Bunnymen fit in? ...

The Teardrop Explodes, Echo & the Bunnymen: Zoo Games

Report and Interview by Dave McCullough, Sounds, 25 August 1979

A small label at the warm end of the cold wave. The music of the Eighties! says Dave McCullough. ...

Joy Division, Teardrop Explodes, OMD, Echo & The Bunnymen et al: Leigh Rock Festival, Lancashire

Live Review by Mick Middles, Sounds, 8 September 1979

A movement with no name... and a festival with no people (But a 'staggering event' all the same, says our man Middles) ...

Joy Division/Echo & The Bunnymen/OMD/Teardrop Explodes/The Distractions/ACR: Leigh Valley Festival, Lancashire

Live Review by Jon Savage, Melody Maker, 8 September 1979

Angst in an East Lancs wasteland ...

Joy Division, Pil et al: Futurama '79 Festival — Set The Controls For The Squalor Of Leeds

Live Review by Andy Gill, Ian Penman, New Musical Express, 15 September 1979

The World's First Science Fiction Music FestivalWords: Ian Penman and Andy Gill. Pix: Kevin Cummins ...

Human League, Teardrop Explodes, The Beat, Flowers: Lyceum, London

Live Review by Garry Bushell, Sounds, 17 November 1979

HAIRCUTS, HAIRCUTS everywhere and 70p a drink. ...

The Teardrop Explodes: Kilimanjaro

Review by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 4 October 1980

OF COURSE putting four singles on an LP is cheating, even if two are re-done. And the cover's pretty bad as well. But if you're ...

The Teardrop Explodes, But Can Julian Cope?

Interview by Chris Salewicz, Creem, May 1981

WHEN I MEET Exploding Teardrop Julian Cope he isn't up in his adopted Liverpool. Instead, my rendezvous with the man behind the melancholy, melodic and ...

The Teardrop Explodes: We Can Be Heroes Just For One Day

Interview by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, 12 September 1981

Christ, Warhol, Arthur Lee (who?), Scott Walker, JULIAN COPE. Are these the immortals of the next century and beyond? Julian Cope hopes so, after all ...

Julian Cope: Julian Weirds Out!

Interview by Chris Salewicz, The Face, November 1981

I'D BEEN worried about Julian Cope. This nagging concern had started some four months ago, during one hot and humid night in New York City, ...

The Teardrop Explodes: Club Zoo, Liverpool

Live Review by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, 21 November 1981

Escape from Tinseltown ...

The Teardrop Explodes: Club Zoo, Liverpool

Live Review by Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, 24 December 1981

LOOK! OVER by the bar, there's someone in a Julian Cope leather flying jacket! As the opening chords of 'Passionate Friend' ring through from the ...

A Life In The Day Of Bill Drummond

Interview by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, 3 April 1982

Bill Drummond, manager of The Bunnymen and The Teardrops, talks to Mark Cooper ...

The Teardrop Explodes: Wilder

Review by Dave DiMartino, Creem, May 1982

"I hate war. I have seen war. I have seen war on the land and sea. I have seen blood running on the street. I ...

The Teardrop Explodes: Brunel University, Middlesex

Live Review by Leyla Sanai, New Musical Express, 16 October 1982


Julian Cope (1991) [transcript]

Audio transcript of interview by uncredited writer, Rock's Backpages transcripts, April 1991

This is a transcription of an audio interview with Julian Cope at a conference in Paris. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

The Teadrop Explodes: Where Are They Now?

Profile by Martin Aston, Q, July 1991

ALONGSIDE ECHO & THE Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes were the focal point for Liverpool's emerging post-punk new wave scene. According to the group's linchpin Julian ...

Julian Cope: Mad Dog and Englishman

Interview by Tom Hibbert, Details, March 1993

There's a fine line between genius and madness. Julian Cope erases it. ...

Eric's, Probe and the Armadillo: The Story Of Liverpool Music, 1976-1988

Retrospective and Interview by Patrick Clarke, The Quietus, 10 April 2018

Through a series of interviews, Patrick Clarke charts the history of Liverpool's brilliant, bitter and burgeoning music scene of 1976-1988, from Eric's and Probe to ...

Wilder Times: How the Teardrops Exploded

Book Excerpt by Mick Houghton, 'Fried and Justified' (Faber & Faber), Summer 2019

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The back story here is the release of the Teardrop Explodes' second album Wilder on 20 November 1981. Rather than do the usual ...

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