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The Screaming Blue Messiahs: Second Coming?

Interview by David Quantick, New Musical Express, 20 October 1984

Well not really. But while DAVID QUANTICK screams about the BLUE MESSIAHS, they relate a re-discovery of Captain Beefheart, Hank Williams and... America. ...

The Cramps, Screaming Blue Messiahs: The Ritz, New York NY

Live Review by Jeff Tamarkin, Billboard, 30 August 1986

THAT THE Cramps have managed to thrive for 10 years without a U.S. major label deal is testimony to their devoted cult following. And that ...

Screaming Blue Messiahs: Marquee, London

Live Review by Paul Elliott, Sounds, 9 January 1988


The Screaming Blue Messiahs, Rhythmic Itch: Rock Garden, London

Live Review by Bruce Dessau, New Musical Express, 6 October 1984

WHAT A grotty emporium is the Rock Garden! What does the name conjure up but images of a pile of stones where there should be ...

Screaming Blue Messiahs: Gun-Shy

Review by Andy Gill, New Musical Express, 10 May 1986

THE COVER of The Screaming Blue Messiahs' first mini-album/EP Good And Gone captures their music perfectly: a posse of WW2 Grumman fighters cruising above the ...

Screaming Blue Messiahs: Bikini Red

Review by Andy Gill, Q, January 1988

WITH THEIR LAST album Gun-Shy, The Screaming Blue Messiahs suggested that, with a little focusing, they might easily grow into Britain's equivalent of ZZ Top ...

A Box Of Screaming Blue Messiahs

Interview by Sylvie Simmons, Creem, April 1988

THERE'S A WHITE Madonna and a black Prince, a metal Priest and a buffy Saint Marie and three Screaming Blue Messiahs: Bill Carter, Chris Thompson ...


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