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The RBP Album Club on the Incredible String Band (2013)

Interview by uncredited writer, Rock's Backpages audio, 9 May 2013

Robyn Hitchcock and Scritti's Green Gartside, aided by ringmaster Mark Ellen, discuss and play excerpts from the Incredible String Band's The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter. Recorded in 2013 at the RBP Album Club at the Idler Academy in London.

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Robyn Hitchcock: Black Snake Diamond Role (Armageddon)

Review by Andy Gill, New Musical Express, 5 September 1981

THOSE OF us who never could see all that much of worth in Syd Barrett's music, either solo or with that group he used to ...

Robyn Hitchcock: Groovy Decay (Albion)

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 17 April 1982

WITH THIS new label and second album Robyn Hitchcock looks to be attempting a runner from the substitute Syd Barrett image previously imposed on him ...

Robyn Hitchcock: Phantom of Psychedelia

Interview by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, 8 May 1982

RICHARD COOK follows the Robyn Hitchcock guide to transport — physical, mechanical, mental and musical. ...

The Rain Parade, Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians: Clarendon, London

Live Review by Mat Snow, New Musical Express, 1 June 1985


Robyn Hitchcock: God Walks Among Us

Interview by Bill Holdship, Creem, March 1986

IN HIS OWN WORDS, some people expect Robyn Hitchcock to be "a kind of exotic species of plant" or a "wigged-out acid casualty" in the ...

Robyn Hitchcock's Colossal Mutations

Profile and Interview by Mark Dery, International Musician & Recording World, July 1986

WHAT DO you get when you cross nursery crimes, rump-bumping beats, hooky melodies that are bittersweet as a bite of watermelon pickle, and batty lyrics ...

One Night in November with Robyn Hitchcock

Interview by J. Kordosh, Creem, March 1987

  AT SCHOOLKIDS Records in Ann Arbor, Bill Holdship, Robyn Hitchcock and myself are looking through the records. It's the evening of the day the Bruce ...

Robyn Hitchcock: Guitar Poet

Interview by Deborah Frost, Guitar World, July 1987

LIKE LOU Reed, Bob Dylan and John Lennon, to whom he has been compared, Robyn Hitchcock's lyrics are so brilliant they tend to obscure everything ...

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians: Hackney Empire, London

Live Review by Robin Gibson, Sounds, 27 February 1988


Robyn Hitchcock: Globe of Frogs (A&M)

Review by Jon Young, Musician, March 1988

EXALTED BY an adoring audience, rock 'n' roll cult figures frequently turn amusing quirks into annoying affectations. Happily, this isn't the case with Robyn Hitchcock, ...

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians: Globe of Frogs (A&M)

Review by Michael Azerrad, Rolling Stone, 10 March 1988

"SURREAL," "WHIMSICAL" and "psychedelic" are the standard adjectives that are applied to Robyn Hitchcock's oeuvre, but with his brilliant new album, Globe of Frogs, you ...

Start Making Sense: Robyn Hitchcock finds a method to his madness

Interview by Michael Azerrad, Details, December 1991

A SHARP-dressed man, Robyn Hitchcock never leaves home without his American Express card. But, true to his station as a legendary alternative-rock guru, Hitchcock's plastic ...

Paul Fox: College Rock Wizard

Interview by Ted Drozdowski, Musician, October 1992

PRODUCER PAUL Fox came up as a keyboard player in the skinny-tie era. "When I first moved to L.A., there was a big banner on ...

Robyn Hitchcock: Respect

Review by Barney Hoskyns, Vogue, 1993

IF THERE WERE any justice in the world, Robyn Hitchcock would be an English cult hero. But it's the very English middle-class-ness of the man ...

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians: Respect (A&M) ***½

Review by Evelyn McDonnell, Rolling Stone, 15 April 1993

ALTHOUGH HE'S gussied them up in images of frogs, fish, food and whatnot, Robyn Hitchcock's obsessions have always been basic and Freudian: sex and death. ...

Robyn Hitchcock Rocks Groovily On

Retrospective and Interview by Dave Thompson, B-Side, 1995

ROBYN HITCHCOCK is confused. At least, he's as confused as anyone who's been told they'll be called by a writer in America, with all the ...

The Soft Boys: The Three Kings, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Uncut, May 2001

THE ONE-TIME freaks are out tonight, suited and booted for this biz-only reintroduction to Robyn Hitchcock's reconstituted Soft Boys, in the tucked-away, locked-up Clerkenwell pub ...

Just who the hell is Robyn Hitchcock, anyway?

Interview by Jim Yoakum, unpublished, 2004

FUNNYMAN? Serious Artist? Ironic? Fey? Wry? Ask the average punter "Who is Robyn Hitchcock?" and you'll get a variety of replies, from "neo-psychedelic warbler" and ...

Why Is Robyn Hitchcock Better Off Without Hit Records?

Interview by Pete Paphides, The Word, December 2004

ON FIRST impression, only the birds printed all over his shirt detract from Robyn Hitchcock's professorial air. It was his idea to rendezvous in Swiss ...

Robyn Hitchcock: Spooked

Review by Bud Scoppa, Paste, 1 December 2004

THE FIRST CUT on Robyn Hitchcock's new album deals with a guy stuck in a dysfunctional relationship with his TV set; it's precisely the sort ...

Robyn Hitchcock in Nowhere-Land: I Often Dream of Trains in New York

Film/DVD/TV Review by Michael Azerrad, Rock's Backpages, 14 November 2009

IT WAS FITTING that a Robyn Hitchcock DVD arrived in the mail the same week as the Monty Python documentary debuted on the IFC channel ...

Robyn Hitchcock: He Often Dreams of Packaging

Report and Interview by Larry Jaffee, MediaPack, December 2009

LIKE MANY singer-songwriters, Robyn Hitchcock needs to supplement his boundless creativity with art forms in addition to music. Not surprisingly, when he's not releasing albums ...

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