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New Barbarians: The Forum, Los Angeles

Live Review by Mark Williams, Melody Maker, 26 March 1979

IN THE foyer of LA's vast concrete amphitheatre, you could buy T-shirts promising "nothing less than ear-to-ear violence" in lettering supposed to resemble dripping blood. ...

New Barbarians: A Tale Of Two Rock 'n' Roll Addicts

Report by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 26 May 1979

AWWWWWW MAMA! I wanna tell ya 'bout Texas radio and the big beat. ...

Led Zeppelin/New Barbarians/Todd Rundgren: Knebworth, Hertfordshire

Live Review by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 18 August 1979

WELL, THAT'S OVER. No more Led Zeppelin front covers for a good while; no more wondering whether Mick would appear with the New Barbarians; no ...

New Barbarians: Knebworth Festival, Hertfordshire

Live Review by Peter Silverton, Sounds, 18 August 1979

ROCK AND ROLL having as it does sod all to do with music and a whole lot to do with sex and drugs (even to ...

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