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Lone Justice

Lone Justice

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Lone Justice: A Tale Of The New West

Profile and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 18 May 1985

EIGHT YEARS on and it's official — we are no longer bored with the USA. ...

Lone Justice, Marquee, London

Live Review by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, 22 June 1985

TWICE I see this group in a couple of weeks and both times I wind up more exhausted than exhilarated. Lone Justice are trying so ...

Lone Justice: Lone Justice

Review by Mitchell Cohen, Creem, September 1985

LONE JUSTICE'S Maria McKee is one tough cookie. Barely out of her teens, she comes on with a spitfire defiance and a repertoire of yelps, ...

Maria McKee: Sweet Heart Of The Radio

Report and Interview by Mat Snow, New Musical Express, 1 November 1986

So, what's it to be then? Is MARIA McKEE of LONE JUSTICE last year's pretty thing or next year's Queen of the airwaves? MAT SNOW ...

Lone Justice: Shelter (Geffen WX73)

Review by Stuart Bailie, Record Mirror, 8 November 1986

THERE'S STILL some mileage to be gotten from those old traditions of rock and country music, all it takes is a little imagination and instinct. ...

Lone Justice: Marquee, London

Live Review by Len Brown, New Musical Express, 28 February 1987

MARIA McKEE bites yer lugs. Sometimes it's a sensual experience; a shiver in the stirrup, a tickle on the lobe. Sometimes it's excruciating; the yelp ...

Lone Justice: Shelter (Geffen)

Review by Craig Zeller, Creem, April 1987

JUST MY luck. Shelter is a stinker, and the thought of having to expound on that opinion simply bores me to distraction. I mean, there ...

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