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The Missing Linx

Profile and Interview by Paul Sexton, Record Mirror, 15 November 1980

THE DARK and mysterious Notting Hill Gate tube station, one cold and rainy night. Outside it stands an equally dark and mysterious stranger, armed with ...

There's a Brand New Dance Going Around... FUNKIN' FOR BRITANNICA — Get Down & Stay Up

Report and Interview by Danny Baker, New Musical Express, 15 November 1980

Hi there! I'm Chris Hill, main man and DJ to the sweating legions of British funkateers. NME have asked me to introduce this piece by DANNY BAKER, ...


Profile and Interview by David Hepworth, Smash Hits, 19 March 1981

DAVID GRANT, singer, songwriter, ritzy dancer and one half of the pair of young blades who spearhead Linx, has a saying. "This is show business. ...

Funk for all the Family

Report by Mary Harron, The Guardian, 21 March 1981

Jazz-funk, an offshoot of American soul music, is sweeping away the tired sounds of disco. Mary Harron reports on an underground youth cult ...

Linx: The Cats Who Took The Cream

Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 9 May 1981

By using intuition, Sandy Robertson gets down to some intelligent conversation with Linx ...

Light Of The World, Innervisions: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Sheryl Garratt, New Musical Express, 20 June 1981

WHILE JAZZFUNK is fine late at night with the volume low, it's a strictly background sound to my ears, and so tedious live. Take Innervisions, ...

Linx: Sunny Side Up

Interview by Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, 1 October 1981

Linx don't mind the weather, just as long as they're together. Forecast: Dave Rimmer. ...

Linx and Aswad: Shades of Black

Profile and Interview by Richard Williams, The Times, 26 November 1981

THERE IS A special role in British life for young black pop musicians, involving a task more serious than could ever be demanded of their ...

Linx: Funk and Roll

Interview by Chris Salewicz, The Face, December 1981

If Britain is ever to become self-sufficient in funk then it's groups like Linx who will lead the way... ...

Linx: Last Linx (Chrysalis CHR 1409)

Review by Betty Page, Record Mirror, 29 January 1983

The missing Linx ...


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