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The Impressions: Introducing Leroy Hutson

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 8 October 1971

IN ALL honesty, it was strange to see Fred Cash and Sam Gooden flanking a new "leader" and central figure of The Impressions. Sadly, the ...

The Impressions: Sooner or later and right now!

Profile and Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 22 July 1975

WITHOUT OVERSTATING the fact, you could justifiably say that The Impressions have come a long way! ...

California Soul Hits The Big Apple

Live Review by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, 6 April 1976

A special report by David Nathan on the on-stage and behind-the-scenes activities at Warner Brothers' special "California Soul" series of concerts during end of February ...

Curtis Mayfield: The Creative Mastermind

Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, December 1976

TO TRY and describe Curtis Mayfield's enormous contribution to the music world would take far more adjectives than we have at our disposal. ...


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