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Hip Hop Wig Out '87 #2: The Big Chill — Skinny Boys and Scott La Rock

Interview by Frank Owen, Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, 28 March 1987


DJ Scott La Rock And KRS 1 (aka Boogie Down Productions): Criminal Minded (B-Boy Records)

Review by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, 23 May 1987


Boogie Down Productions/DJ Scott La Rock/KRS One: Criminal Minded (B Boy Records) / MC Shan: Down By Law (Cold Chillin' Records)

Review by John McCready, New Musical Express, 11 July 1987

IN NEW YORK, there's a war going on. Television ignores it, the papers don't speak of it. It's a war where most of the bloodshed ...

KRS-1, Boogie Down Productions: By All Means Necessary (Jive US Import)

Review by Jack Barron, New Musical Express, 30 April 1988


KRS-1: Brixton Fridge, London

Live Review by Helen Mead, New Musical Express, 14 May 1988


KRS-1: View From The Bridge

Interview by Michele Kirsch, New Musical Express, 21 May 1988

KRS-1, tough turned thinker, raps for condoms and chillin' against crack and killin'. And yet he's seen toting a gun and posing a la Black ...

Boogie Down Productions: By All Means Necessary (Jive/RCA); DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper (Jive/RCA)

Review by Jon Young, Musician, August 1988

RECENTLY THE paper brought news that two men have been arrested for the murder of DJ Scott LaRock last year, giving By All Means Necessary ...

KRS-One: The Rap Trap

Report and Interview by Paolo Hewitt, New Musical Express, 7 January 1989

And the kids keep dying. Armed with only a Sony Walkman and a pen, PAOLO HEWITT goes looking for the solution to Rap's vicious side, ...

KRS-1: We Are 1

Interview by Jack Barron, New Musical Express, 22 July 1989

Metaphysics... conspiracy theories...the harmony of the Universe...and YOU thought KRS-1 was just a hot rapper! JACK BARRON gets philosophical with the boss of Boogie Down. ...

Boogie Down Productions/KRS-1, Redhead Kingpin: Town And Country Club, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 29 July 1989


Boogie Down Productions: Ghetto Music – The Blueprint Of Hip Hop (Jive Hip 80)

Review by Jeff Lorez, Blues & Soul, 8 August 1989

AS IF you didn't know, KRS One takes himself very seriously, and that's no bad thing. However, if he really is the peace maker that ...

U.S. Rap: Listen Up!

Report and Interview by Mark Cooper, Q, January 1990

RAIN IS STREAMING down in sheets on the Long Island suburb of Hempstead but, inside Public Enemy's headquarters, the group's leader Chuck D is just ...

Rapped in Black

Report and Interview by Mark Cooper, The Guardian, 5 April 1990

An Africa-shaped pendant has become the new badge of honour for American rappers, reports Mark Cooper ...

Rapped in Black

Report and Interview by Mark Cooper, The Guardian, 5 April 1990

An Africa-shaped pendant has become the new badge of honour for American rappers, reports Mark Cooper ...

In Rap's Hometown, an Icy Reception

Report by Rob Tannenbaum, The New York Times, 28 April 1991

THE MARQUEE'S experiment with rap concerts didn't last long. The small club, in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, usually presents alternative-rock bands. But after the ...

KRS-One: Wisdom From The Street

Profile and Interview by Alan Light, Rolling Stone, 30 May 1991

Kris Parker once lived in the subways and shelters of New York. Now the rapper known as KRS-One is hip-hop's righteous voice — and one ...

KRS-One: Return Of The Boom Bap (Jive)

Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 25 September 1993

HIP-HOP pioneers have always found it difficult to get respect in any true sense years down the line. ...

KRS One: Return Of The Boom Bap (Jive); Katch 22: Diary Of A Blackman Living In The Land Of The Lost (Kold Sweat)

Review by David Bennun, Melody Maker, 8 January 1994

KRS ONE IS, to all intents and purposes, Boogie Down Productions, although his late partner, DJ Scott LaRock, still oversees his work, "despite what others ...

KRS–1: 1 From The Heart

Interview by Sonia Poulton, Muzik, November 1995

KRS-1 the grand daddy of hip hop takes to the soap box for a speech on record labels, street cred and 'The Goddess Theory'. Listen ...

KRS-One: I Got Next (Jive)

Review by Angus Batey, New Musical Express, 24 May 1997

AFTER 11 years as a recording artist, surely even the gargantuan ego at the heart of KRS-One must have been surprised when 'Step Into A ...

KRS-One: Here Comes Trouble!

Interview by Dorian Lynskey, Mixmag, October 1997

Arriving in the UK, via the QEII, after a six year break, rap legend KRS-One certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. If appearing on ...

KRS-One Launches 'Hip-Hop Appreciation Week'

Report by Frank Tortorici, Addicted To Noise, 9 February 1998

Rapper brings rap and music community together to raise awareness. ...

Rhymin' And Stealin'

Retrospective and Interview by Angus Batey, MOJO, September 2003

Back in 1986 hip hop entered a golden age — lyrical revolution, sonic innovation, and individuality — that gave rise to such rap legends as ...

The hip-hop heritage society

Report and Interview by Angus Batey, The Guardian, 7 October 2010

Why aren't Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions and other classic hip-hop acts lovingly reissued in the same way as other genres? Because guardians of rap's ...

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