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Profile and Interview by Martin Aston, The Independent, February 1990

IT WAS the poster claiming The KLF were to play live at a DJ convention in Amsterdam rather than – as they thought – just ...


Interview by Push, Melody Maker, 10 March 1990

Push reports on The KLF, Bill Drummond's new band who're at the forefront of the ambient house movement. After The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu ...

KLF: Tales From The White Room

Interview by John McCready, The Face, September 1990

SINISTER. That's the word. The KLF are sinister. With their pervy mail-order black-hooded packamacks, their propaganda and their perfect assimilation of rave culture they are ...

The KLF: Doctorin' The Charts

Retrospective and Interview by Roy Wilkinson, Sounds, 24 November 1990

When THE JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU released a house record in 1987 everyone wondered what the f**k was going on. Abba killed off THE ...

The KLF: Pranks for the Memory

Interview by David Stubbs, Melody Maker, 16 February 1991

They can't help having hits, they can't come to terms with fame and they can't keep out of trouble! DAVID STUBBS witnesses THE KLF's dawn ...

KLF: Hang On! I've Got An Idea!

Interview by Andy Gill, Q, March 1991

They're big on ideas, are KLF. Like having hits without musicians, making a load of cash, losing a load of cash… and every so often, ...

The KLF: Great Luminaries of Our Time

Interview by Roy Wilkinson, Sounds, 2 March 1991

Over the past five years, THE KLF have operated under a variety of guises but, now that they've brought such immaculate sounds as '3AM Eternal' ...

It's All White: The KLF: The White Room (KLF)

Review by James Brown, New Musical Express, 9 March 1991

IS IT A strength or weakness to be versatile to the point where consistency becomes an alien concept? There's a hell of a lot of ...

The KLF: Off The Orbitals

Profile and Interview by Simon Reynolds, The Observer, 7 April 1991

Simon Reynolds profiles the anarchic duo The KLF ...

The KLF: The White Room (Arista); Chill Out (Wax Trax)

Review by Chuck Eddy, L.A. Weekly, 11 July 1991

JIMMY CAUTY and Bill Drummond are two pretentious con men from England who think they can "subvert" popular music by taking pieces of old records ...

The K.L.F. and Massive Attack: Psychedelic Rock Enters the Progressive Phase

Overview by Simon Reynolds, The New York Times, 18 August 1991

SO VOLATILE is the club scene that few artists have been able to make a career out of dance music, which is released mostly as ...

Who Killed The KLF?

Report by William Shaw, Select, July 1992

It's the last grand gesture, the most heroic acts of self-destruction in the history of pop. And it's also Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty's final ...

Stand By Your Van: Tammy Meets the KLF

Interview by Terry Staunton, New Musical Express, 23 November 1992

Welcome to Mu Mu Land, where hooded figures drive ice-cream vans and nothing is quite like it is in Tennessee. Which is a welcome change ...

Hey, DJ — The chilled-out charms of ambient techno

Guide by Pat Blashill, Details, November 1993

RICHARD JAMES has seen the future and it's nothing special. In fact, it's nothing at all. Nothingness itself. Vast, blank wildernesses, majesticaly vague cityscapes, machines ...

Pop Art

Report and Interview by Susan Corrigan, i-D, August 1997

Blur and Damien Hirst? Pet Shop Boys and Sam Taylor-Wood? No doubt about it, pop stars dabbling in art is a bad idea. But what ...

Bill Drummond: 45

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, The Independent, 2000

"POP MUSIC," writes Bill Drummond, "has become like a cancer that has spread through my whole body and is now affecting my brain." Having been ...

Burning question: The KLF

Report and Interview by Andrew Smith, The Observer, 13 February 2000

Why did Bill Drummond set fire to £1 million? Why did he want to chop off his own hand on stage? And why did the ...

The KLF: Getting Arrested With Bill & Jimmy

Retrospective by David Stubbs, The Quietus, 15 August 2008

SO, IT'S LIKE THIS. It's February 1991. A couple of years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, which supposedly heralded the End of History, ...

KLF's Welcome to the Dark Ages: What time is chaos?

Report and Interview by Barbara Ellen, The Observer, 26 August 2017

Twenty-three years ago, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty topped off a bizarre, brilliant pop career by burning £1m. Now they're back to commemorate it with ...

When the KLF and Extreme Noise Terror outgunned the Brits: what happened next?

Retrospective and Interview by Ian Winwood, Daily Telegraph, 18 February 2020

TONIGHT, THE 02 Arena in London will host the 40th edition of the BRIT Awards. Presented by Jack Whitehall and featuring appearances from Rod Stewart ...

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