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Manchester: They Mean It Maaanchester

Overview by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, 30 July 1977

MANCHESTER as a Rock and Roll town just didn't use to exist. It fed dutifully off London, and there were frequent visits from groups to ...

Magazine: Howard Devoto's Enigma Variations

Profile and Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 25 February 1978

HOWARD DEVOTO gives good face. Unlined and triangular, topped with a vast expanse of forehead; the kind that popular folklore maintains is the unmistakeable dead-giveaway ...

Howard Devoto: Calm And Confusion

Interview by Paul Morley, Ian Penman, New Musical Express, 2 December 1978

WERE YOU a wimp at school?I wouldn't say I was a wimp. I think I did get bullied. ...

Howard Devoto: Jerky Versions Of The Dream (Virgin)

Review by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 1983

I NEVER CARED much for Magazine. They were a group without a style, or at least a group whose style consisted in a profound lack. ...

Howard Devoto, SPK, the Smiths: The Lyceum, London

Live Review by Adam Sweeting, Melody Maker, 7 August 1983

WELL, YOU can always hope, can't yer? Fat lot of good that'll do you on a night like this. ...

Howard Devoto talks about Punk's Year Zero

Retrospective and Interview by Kieron Tyler, Record Collector, May 2000

"I'M TIRED OF noise and short of breath. I'm sick of having to address people out of breath and under my breath." That was how ...

Howard Devoto: Shot By Both Sides

Interview by Paul Morley, Uncut, November 2000

AND THEN, in 1976, when Howard Devoto was 24, he wrote and recorded four fast songs with the group Buzzcocks, and they became the EP ...

Shelley-Devoto: The Odd Couple

Interview by Adam Sweeting, Uncut, April 2002

YOU HAVE BEEN parachuted into the middle of 1976. Text messaging, Hear'Say and Osama Bin Laden belong to an unknowable future, but The Sex Pistols ...

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