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New York Dolls, Iggy Pop, Hollywood Stars, the GTOs: Hollywood Street Revival and Trash Dance, the Palladium, Hollywood CA

Live Review by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 15 October 1974

Glitter-Rock Stages a Symbolic Wake ...

Hollywood Stars: Glue Sniffers From Hollywood High

Report by Wayne Robins, Creem, December 1974

HOLLYWOOOOOOD! — Anything can happen in this town; in fact, anything happens more often than some thing, which isn't to say there aren't times when ...

The L.A. Rock Explosion

Overview by Phast Phreddie Patterson, New York Rocker, February 1976


America's Local Talent 1977: The Sounds of Los Angeles

Overview by Kim Fowley, Phonograph Record, May 1977

ONE DOESN'T need to write any introduction on the general rock history and geographical relevance of Hollywood. Hollywood is Los Angeles, Los Angeles is California ...

Hollywood Stars: Hollywood Stars (Arista)

Review by Wesley Strick, Circus, 9 May 1977

THEY KIND of sound like a network game show, don't they? Frisky with the promise of big bucks for the right formula. Eager but not ...

New Releases: The Kids Err Alright

Review by Howard Wuelfing, Unicorn Times, July 1977

REMEMBER "PUNK ROCK?" For a while there it was the supreme hip misconception — a much abused catch-all referring in general to any sort of ...


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