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Etta James: Empress In Exile

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 14 April 1984

MOST EVERY year now Ms Jamesetta Hawkins – Etta to you – will at the behest of Dingwalls Boss (Goodman, that is) fly over ...

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Etta James (1989)

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages audio, 13 July 1989

Etta James tells Barney Hoskyns about her struggles with addiction, meeting Billie Holiday, making Seven Year Itch and staying contemporary.

File format: mp3 File size: 40.4mb; Interview length: 44 minutes 5 seconds Sound quality: **

Etta James (1978)

Interview by Cliff White, Rock's Backpages audio, 12 July 1978

Etta takes us from 'Roll With Me Henry' to the present day: Johnny Otis; Modern Records and the Biharis; the move to Chess Records and hitting with 'All I Could Do Was Cry'; the end of Chess and working with Rick Hall, and the almost complete absence of royalties in her hit-making days.

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Etta James: The Queen Bee of R&B

Interview by Radio Pete, Rocky Mountain Musical Express, July 1978

IT IS almost impossible to write about Etta James and avoid clichés oft used in studies of jazz and soul artists. She's been exploited. She's ...

Etta James: I'm Only Sleeping

Retrospective by Andria Lisle, MOJO, December 2002

"SOMETHING TOLD ME IT WAS OVER/When I saw you and here talking/Something deep down in my soul said, 'Cry, girl'/When I saw you and that ...

Etta James: Mama tells us all about it

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, The Times, 26 July 1989

WHEN ETTA JAMES was a 17-year old glamour puss with drug-store-peroxide blonde hair and a lewd rock 'n' roll hit called 'Roll With Me Henry' ...

Etta James: L.A.'s Soul Queen

Interview by Bill Bentley, L.A. Weekly, 17 April 1980

A YEAR AGO, Etta James stopped time as surely as if she had point-blanked a Timex with a .357. ...

Hoochie Coochie Men: Cadillac Records (dir. Darnell Martin)

Film/DVD/TV Review by Bill Holdship, Metro Times, 10 December 2008

Hollywood's version of the Chess Records story combines the best and worst of the classic rock 'n' roll biopic ...

Etta James: Payin' The Cost

Profile and Interview by Bill Millar, Melody Maker, 23 September 1978

YOU CAN ENJOY Etta James as a throwback to the rockin' Fifties. You can admire her as the apotheosis of Sixties soul performing ghetto clubs ...

Etta James, R.I.P.

Retrospective by Carol Cooper, The Village Voice, 23 January 2012

ETTA JAMES used to tell a story about meeting Billie Holiday in which Holiday told her — fatherless wild child to fatherless wild child — ...

Rise of the Anachronauts: On Dan Hicks, Leonard Cohen, Etta James, Pokey LaFarge and other fearless time travelers

Review by Carol Cooper, The Village Voice, 5 May 2009

I CALL THEM anachronauts: performers whose core appeal stems from their ability to transport listeners to another time and place. ...

Soul Punk Etta: Superstardom the Hard Way on a Dollar a Day

Profile and Interview by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 19 August 1978

"THANKSGIVING DAY in November will be my silver anniversary: 25 years since I cut my first record and I haven't become a superstar yet. It ...

Etta James: Dingwalls, London

Live Review by Cliff White, New Musical Express, 22 July 1978

THEY PROBABLY don't realise it but The Who once dedicated an album to Etta James. Meaty, Beaty, Big And Bouncy it was called, and by ...

Etta James: James The First

Profile and Interview by Cliff White, Black Music, October 1978

Etta James, a star of this year's Montreux Jazz Festival, visited London after her show there en route for her American home. While here, she ...

Etta James (1978) [transcript]

Audio transcript of interview by Cliff White, Rock's Backpages transcripts, 12 July 1978

This is a transcription of Cliff's audio interview with Etta. Listen to the audio of this interview. ...

Etta James 1938-2012

Obituary by David Hepworth, The Word, March 2012

JOHNNY OTIS was relaxing in his San Francisco hotel room one afternoon in 1954 when his manager called from the lobby and said he was ...

Etta James

Review and Interview by David Nathan, Billboard, 17 December 1988

"SHOW BUSINESS became a lifestyle for me from the beginning," says legendary vocalist Etta James. "The road became my home – I was almost like ...

Etta James: Her Voice Can Get A Hold On You

Interview by Don Waller, Los Angeles Times, 26 October 1985

"WHAT'S HAPPENING now is that all the kids who grew up listening to me on their transistor radios in the '50s and '60s are now ...

Jerry Wexler: Production without style — on purpose

Interview by Fred Goodman, Musician, June 1993

Hands-off from Muscle Shoals to Stax to New York City ...

Johnny Otis on the early days of R&B

Retrospective and Interview by Jeff Calvin, Blues Revue, April 2000

IN ADDITION to the various musical hats he's worn over the past half-century, Johnny Otis is a painter, a sculptor, a conservationist, a businessman, a ...

Etta James: Deep in the Night

Review by Joe McEwen, Rolling Stone, 1 June 1978

ONCE, WHEN I WAS FOURTEEN, I bought a copy of "My Dearest Darling" by Etta James, a record I'd heard as an oldie on a ...

Etta James: Betta than evva!

Profile and Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 29 August 1978

Having licked a serious drug problem, Etta is climbing to the top again and has been delighting audiences on the road with the Rolling Stones, ...

Etta James

Interview by John Abbey, Blues & Soul, 2 July 1974

THE WELCOME revival in the musical fate of Etta James is highlighted by the release of a fine new album, produced by Gabriel Mekler and ...

Etta James' long search for stardom

Interview by John Morthland, Rolling Stone, 10 August 1978

IT IS A cruel irony that had she not been a junkie for thirteen of her forty years, Etta James would probably still be working ...

Etta James: The Right Time ****

Review by John Swenson, Rolling Stone, 26 November 1992

THERE IS no greater living blues singer than Etta James, and no producer more attuned to the right setting for a blues diva than Jerry ...

Etta James/Joi/Res/Raphael Saadiq/Cody Chesnutt: BB King's Blues Club & Grill, New York

Live Review by Kandia Crazy Horse, PopMatters, 24 July 2002

Flight to Amazonia (Slight Return) ...

Etta James

Retrospective by Lois Wilson, MOJO, February 2013

Abandoned as a child, addicted as an adult, Etta James lived a life punctuated by self-destruction and "wrong-headed men". Then came redemption. As the first ...

Etta James

Sleeve notes by Pete Grendysa, MCA Records, 1997

ETTA JAMES WAS just 21 years old when she came to Chess Records in 1960, but she was a seasoned show business veteran with six ...

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, the Fifth Dimension, Etta James: Long Beach Arena, Long Beach CA

Live Review by Pete Johnson, Los Angeles Times, 19 March 1968

Long Beach Hosts Pop Music Concert ...

Etta James: Peaches

Review by Pete Wingfield, Cream, December 1971

THIS DOUBLE ALBUM set of Etta James' hits from Chess seems uncharacteristically enlightened, despite a commercially suicidal price-tag (£3.99, enough to make even ardent soul ...

Albums from Nancy Sinatra, Etta James et al

Review by Peter Jones, Norman Jopling, Record Mirror, 11 May 1968

ETTA JAMES Tell Mama — 'Tell Mama'; 'I'd Rather Go Blind'; 'The Love Of My Man'; 'I'm Gonna Take What He's Got'; 'The Same Rope'; ...

Rollin' With Etta

Interview by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 1 November 1992

Etta James has sung and lived the blues, but these are good times for the R&B matriarch bound for the Rock and Roll Hall of ...

Etta James: Town And Country Club, London

Live Review by Roger St. Pierre, Blues & Soul, 1 December 1992

ETTA JAMES is a big, big lady, with a big, big voice — and she certainly made full use of her lung-power in wowing her ...

Etta James: The Time Of Her Life

Interview by Roger St. Pierre, Blues & Soul, 17 November 1992

With her new Jerry Wexler-produced The Right Time album showcasing Etta James at the pinnacle of soul creativity, the lady talks to Roger St. Pierre ...

Jerry Wexler: Producer with a Fan's Passion

Interview by Sam Sutherland, High Fidelity, August 1978

ON A BLEAK, sunless afternoon, Jerry Wexler sits comfortably in the shadows of a recording studio control room, listening to the playback of a vocal ...

Etta James: Matriarch Of The Blues

Review and Interview by Tony Russell, MOJO, September 2001

Magisterial readings of blues and soul classics from the folios of Otis Redding, Al Green, and O.V. Wright, with a dash of Dylan and a ...

The Pointers: Sign of a Wasted Rock Culture

Profile by Vernon Gibbs, New Musical Express, 29 September 1973

ANYTIME THE American media welcomes a new act with such an overt display of scraping and bowing for superlatives, it's time to be suspicious. ...


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