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Crowded House: In With The In-Crowd

Interview by Julian Henry, Music Week, 6 July 1987

THE ARRIVAL of Crowded House in the UK charts with their debut single, 'Don't Dream It's Over' (Capitol), comes three years after the demise of ...

Crowded House: Whisky, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Bud Scoppa, L.A. Weekly, 22 September 1988

GOOD TUNES, good singin', good playin'. These are the seemingly modest virtues presented by Crowded House. But, as they amply demonstrated throughout their superb 16-song ...

Meet Mr. Hip, Mitchell Froom, the Man of a Thousand Mixes

Interview by Alan di Perna, Musician, November 1988

"WITH ALBUMS, you can't just play it straight on every track. If a song wants to be a hit, if it seems like — done ...

Crowded House: Don't Dream It's Over

Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, July 1992

Last year, Crowded House played Britain and hardly anyone noticed. This time they've had to book Wembley Arena. Maybe the turnaround came just in time ...

Crowded House: Crowded House OBE

Interview by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, August 1993

WHAT A QUEER old month it's been for past and present members of Crowded House. In June they visited the UK to sequence their album ...

Crowded House: The Fine Art of Surfacing

Report and Interview by Stuart Maconie, Q, February 1994

SATURDAY NIGHT in Glasgow, traditionally the comic's most difficult audience, and it's time to give a big hand to two young fellows with a bright ...

Crowded House, The Cranberries, et al: Fleadh '94, Finsbury Park, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 18 June 1994


My Second Life Has Just Begun – April 1994

Book Excerpt by Chris Bourke, 'Something So Strong' (Pan Macmillan Australia), 1997

NOTE: In this excerpt from Chris Bourke's Crowded House biography Something So Strong (Pan Macmillan Australia, 1997), drummer Paul Hester has been brooding for months ...

Neil Finn: Former Crowded House Frontman

Interview by Bill DeYoung, Goldmine, August 1998

THERE'S A lush, green exotic-ness to Neil Finn's songs, as if they were created in some kind of hothouse rain forest where only the most ...

Paul Hester, 1959-2005

Obituary by Chris Bourke, Sunday Star-Times (New Zealand), 3 April 2005

PAUL HESTER was known as "Hester the Jester," the clown prince of Crowded House. He was the one who gave the band its personality on ...

Crowded House: Time On Earth

Review and Interview by Bud Scoppa, Uncut, August 2007

Pure, quiet quality from the reunited Kiwi Beatles ...

Pajama Club: No more Crowded House

Interview by Stevie Chick, The Guardian, 25 August 2011

Once their children had left home, Crowded House songwriter Neil Finn and his wife found themselves with too much time on their hands — and ...

Crowded House

Retrospective and Interview by Graeme Thomson, The Word, October 2011

Crowded House's recording career was becalmed in 1990 until an unplanned injection of sibling rivalry sparked off the masterpiece that was Woodface. It couldn't last ...

Crowded House: Dreamers Are Waiting

Review by Andrew Stafford, The Guardian, 3 June 2021

The band's first album since 2010 is full of beautiful details and deceptive tonal shifts – a slow burn but worth the effort ...

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