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Cornershop: Academy, Manchester

Live Review by Andy Crysell, New Musical Express, 28 February 1998


Back In Business: Cornershop

Profile and Interview by Ben Thompson, Daily Telegraph, 9 February 2002

Four years after a tribute to Bollywood chanteuse Asha Bhosle gave them 1998's most unlikely number one single, Ben Thompson welcomes the return of Cornershop. ...

Cornershop: Les Miserables

Interview by Caitlin Moran, Select, May 1998

All-singing? All-dancing? You're joking. By rights, Cornershop should be basking in their new-found celebrity — instead, Tjinder and Ben are either crying into their pints ...

Cornershop: Camden Underworld, London

Live Review by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 8 February 1993

WERE IT not for the fact that two members are Punjabi Sikhs, Leicester's Cornershop would be just another dinful grunge unit. Camden's Underworld club was ...

Real Lives: Rock of Asians

Report and Interview by Caroline Sullivan, The Guardian, 13 March 1993

Britain's Asian community has long hosted a thriving pop scene, operating in a lucrative parallel universe to the chart mainstream. Now, CAROLINE SULLIVAN reports, radical ...

Cornershop: Water Rats, King's Cross, London

Live Review by Dele Fadele, New Musical Express, 20 May 1995

WHO COULD have foreseen a re-birth on this grand scale? The basic struggle for Cornershop has always been one for identity and, while they've been ...

Cornershop: Falcon, Camden, London

Live Review by Ian Watson, Melody Maker, 24 September 1994


Cornershop: This Sitar Kills Fascists

Interview by John Harris, New Musical Express, 16 January 1993

Out to smash Asian stereotypes, shit on racists and slaughter every half-assed predictable indie band on the planet — CORNERSHOP might not be able to ...

Cornershop: Popkomm, Cologne

Live Review by John Robb, Bizarre, 1997

AFTER BEING ALL at sea, playing a shambolic punk rock lo fi rush that never seemed to suit them (and I should know I fell ...

Cornershop: When I Was Born for the 7th Time

Review by Jon Savage, MOJO, Fall 1997

THIS IS A GOOD party record: loose, funny, warm – exemplary genre-trashing by musicians who have a great recollection (as they chant on 'Brimful ...

Cornershop's Tjinder Singh: "My dad said, 'They'll not always want you here'. That stuck."

Profile and Interview by Jude Rogers, The Observer, 2022

Three decades since the band formed, Cornershop's genre-defying political music is still making a stand. Ahead of a new album, we join them on a ...

Cornershop: Hollywood Athletic Club, Los Angeles CA

Live Review by Marc Weingarten, Los Angeles Times, 14 November 1997

Cornershop Falls Far Short of Album ...

Run DMC, Chemical Brothers, Roni Size et al: Creamfields, Winchester

Live Review by Neil Kulkarni, Melody Maker, 9 May 1998

It's a Cream come true! We join the madness that's CREAMFIELDS in Winchester with Primal Scream! Cornershop! Roni Size! Run DMC! The full bloody monty! ...

Cornershop: When I Was Born For The 7th Time (Wiiija/All formats)

Review by Paul Moody, Melody Maker, 6 September 1997

THINK BACK. Remember when dissing Morrissey mattered, Huggy Bear were considered to be avant-garde situationists and Tony Parsons was happily sounding the death knell on ...

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