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Chris and Cosey: Trust (Capitol)

Review by Danny (Shredder) Weizmann, L.A. Weekly, 12 October 1989

IT'S A beautiful world, where Chris and Cosey can inhabit the same record store as, say, Slim Whitman. Frigid and anti-human, and at the same ...

Chris & Cosey Talk Plans To Finish TG's Desertshore

Report and Interview by Luke Turner, The Quietus, 19 April 2011

LATE LAST WEEK, observant souls on the internet had a look at Chris & Cosey's website and noticed that their Event Horizon page of planned ...

Chris & Cosey: From Death Factory To Fenland

Interview by Luke Turner, The Stool Pigeon, May 2011

At home with electronic and industrial music pioneers Chris & Cosey ...

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