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Episode 60 : Dorian Lynskey on Daft Punk, Can audio interview ... and Brexit

31 January 2020

In this week's episode, we wave a sad goodbye to the EU with the aid of Dorian Lynskey, Guardian contributor, author of 33 Revolutions Per Minute and The Ministry Of Truth, and host of the excellent Remainiacs podcast.

Dorian talks Mark, Barney & Jasper through his stellar career in music writing, focusing on his interviews with German superstar Paul van Dyk and French electro-House robots Daft Punk. Dorian also discusses Remainiacs on the eve of the Brexit countdown, and the four remoaners collectively lament the end of the beginning of the withdrawal… or is it the beginning of the end?

The Euro theme continues with a clip from the late Andy Gill's delightful 1997 audio interview with Irmin, Holger & Michael of krautrock kings Can, heard chuckling about the "erotic dreams" embedded in soldiers' mattresses. A brief discussion of Can's uniqueness as an experimental unit ensues.

Also for RBP subscribers is the selection of new library pieces presented by Mr. Pringle, including fashion tips from Mods in 1964, a tour of Philly's Sigma Sound studios in 1975, and a cab ride across London with jazz legend Archie Shepp in 1985…

Many thanks to special guest Dorian Lynskey; visit his website for further information about his books and the Remainiacs podcast.