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Robert Greenfield

Robert Greenfield

An award-winning journalist, novelist, playwright, and screenwriter, Robert Greenfield is the author of nine books, among them the classic STP: A Journey Through America With the Rolling Stones. Both his novel Temple, which won the National Jewish Book Award and was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, and Timothy Leary: A Biography, which he spent ten years researching and writing, were reviewed favorably on the front page of the New York Sunday Times Book Review.

In May, 2009, Da Capo Press/Perseus Books will publish A Day In The Life: One Family, The Beautiful People, and the End of the Sixties, an iconic account of the social revolution of that time. Dark Star, Mr. Greenfield’s critically acclaimed oral biography of Grateful Dead lead guitarist Jerry Garcia was re-published in January, 2009 by Harper Books with a new introduction by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. Film rights to the book have been purchased and Mr. Greenfield is involved in the production of an independent film based upon it.

Greenfield is also the author of Bill Graham: My Life Inside Rock and Out (co-written with Bill Graham) which won both a Ralph J. Gleason Music Book Award and the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for Excellence and has been re-published by Da Capo Press with a new introduction by Pete Townshend of The Who. Mr. Greenfield’s one-character play about Bill Graham was named the Outstanding Theatre Presentation at the Aspen Comedy Arts Festival and was produced at the Canon Theatre in Los Angeles with Ron Silver as Bill Graham. Greenfield is currently involved in a feature film project based on Bill Graham’s life as well as an HBO series about the early days of Rolling Stone magazine.

A former Associate Editor of the London bureau of Rolling Stone, Greenfield’s journalism has been published in eight different anthologies. His extensive profile of Owsley Stanley, "The LSD King," appeared in Rolling Stone magazine’s fortieth anniversary Summer of Love edition. Having written the tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records, that appeared in the magazine after Ertegun’s death in 2006 as well as the tribute to Jerry Wexler after his death in 2008, Greenfield is now researching the authorized biography of Ahmet Ertegun which will be published by Simon & Schuster.

The play Mr. Greenfield wrote based on his novel Temple, featuring Judd Nelson and Ron Rifkin, was presented off-Broadway in New York City at the American Jewish Theatre. Mr. Greenfield has reviewed books for the New York Sunday Times Book Review, the Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review, and California magazine. His short fiction has appeared in Esquire, GQ, and Playboy magazines. STP: A Journey Through America With the Rolling Stones has been re-published twice in England as well as in America by Da Capo Press in a thirtieth anniversary edition.

In November, 2006, Da Capo Press/Perseus Books published Exile On Main Street: A Season In Hell with the Rolling Stones, Mr. Greenfield’s account of his time with the band thirty-five years ago in the south of France as they recorded their classic double album. An excerpt from the book was featured in Rolling Stone. The book has been published in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, and Brazil.

Having co-written the Emmy Award nominated mini-series, The Sixties, Greenfield is a long time member of the Writers Guild who has written feature film scripts for Columbia, Paramount, and Twentieth Century Fox as well as television movies and mini-series for the NBC, HBO, FX, TNT, and Lifetime networks. He worked as Creative Consultant/Producer for three short documentary films that are on permanent exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr. Greenfield has taught English at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California; film at Chapman College in Monterey, California; and served as an Adjunct Professor of Composition and Literature at the University of San Francisco. He lives in California.

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Jack Bruce And His Lifetime

Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 7 January 1971

LONDON – It's the universal riff. When some kid in Laguna Beach finally stops driving all the neighbors crazy with it, a kid sitting by ...

John Cale, Nico, The Velvet Underground: Shards of Velvet Afloat in London: Nico and John Cale

Report and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 18 February 1971

JOHN CALE REACHES too hard for the pay phone in the lobby of his hotel. Bang. It explodes into the soft corner of his forehead, ...

Crazy Horse, Neil Young: Neil Young: Songs of Innocence, Songs of Restraint

Profile and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Fusion, 17 April 1970

NEIL YOUNG HAS A voice like a sunrise, fresh with promise, wise with years and practice, something you turn to for light encouragement and warmth. ...

Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster: A Lonely Trumpet Wail in Denmark

Report by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 9 December 1971

COPENHAGEN — The old black man was sitting in The Montmartre, bobbing his head to the music, snapping his fingers and diggin' on the sounds, ...

Elton John Steams 'Em Up

Report and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 12 November 1970

LONDON – "If this is the revolution, why are the drinks so fucking expensive," someone has written on the wall in the toilet of London's ...

Jackie Lomax is Leaving London

Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 26 November 1970

LONDON – Jackie Lomax is from Liverpool. He's 26 and he writes songs and sings them. ...

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones: The Rolling Stone Interview: Keith Richards

Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 19 August 1971

KEITH PLAYS in a rock & roll band. Anita is a movie star queen. They currently reside in a large white marble house that everyone ...

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones: The Time We Said Hello: The Day I Met Keith Richards

Book Excerpt by Robert Greenfield, 'Ain't It Time We Said Goodbye' (Da Capo), May 2014

Having been selected to conduct the Rolling Stone interview with Keith Richards in May 1971, the author embarks on a perilous journey to meet his ...

The Rolling Stones Go South

Report by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 3 August 1972

IN CHICAGO, in the house that Playboy built, an anonymous brownstone on a quiet leafy street that Hugh Hefner calls home, the scene is a ...

The Rolling Stones Tour: Rock & Roll On The Road Again

Report by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 6 July 1972

LOS ANGELES – Danny has no shirt, no shoes, no wallet, no keys. The shirt went when he took it off and stuck it in ...

The Rolling Stones: Jumpin' Gas Flash Bops In Heartland

Report by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 20 July 1972

IN TRANSIT – Underway at last. In flight and moving. Denver, Minneapolis, and Chicago in one Sunday, the limo to the plane to the limo ...

The Rolling Stones: The Stones in LA: Main St. Exiles

Report and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 27 April 1972

LOS ANGELES – One year, to the weekend, after the Rolling Stones played the final concert of their "farewell" tour of England, Mick Jagger is ...

The Rolling Stones: Villa Nellcote: Tommy Weber Arrives at the Rolling Stones' French Stronghold

Book Excerpt by Robert Greenfield, 'A Day in the Life' (Da Capo), July 2009

In this excerpt from his brilliant new A Day in the Life: One Family, the Beautiful People, and the End of the '60s, Robert Greenfield ...

The Rolling Stones: Goodbye Great Britain: The Rolling Stones On Tour

Report and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 15 April 1971

LONDON – "Boogie, Bobby, boogie," Marshall Chess is saying over and over to Bobby Keys in the seat next to him, slamming out the phrase ...

Leon Russell: Working Hard At the Lyceum

Live Review by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 1 April 1971

LONDON – " you thought I couldn't rock and roll," the piano player says, plunging into the music. ...

Stone The Crows: Brash Tales of Stone The Crows

Profile and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 6 January 1972

ALL ALONG the super ye-ye, tres decadent beaches of St. Tropez this summer, the absolute super coolest most single chic garment one could be seen ...

The Velvet Underground c/o New York, NY

Report and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Fusion, 6 March 1970

NONE OF THIS concerns anything except maybe the back room at Max's Kansas City, which is on Union Square in Manhattan but not worth finding ...

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The Oz Obscenity Trial: Guilty

Report by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, 2 September 1971

LONDON — Great Britain no longer need envy America its Chicago Conspiracy Trial. They've come up with a pretty good one of their own and ...

Ahmet Ertegun: A Day of Tribute in New York

Book Excerpt by Robert Greenfield, 'The Last Sultan' (Simon & Schuster), 2011

APRIL 17, 2007. In the tiny village New York can sometimes become when it honors one of its own who has fulfilled the dream of ...

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