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In strict terms, Ned Raggett has spent a good chunk of his time over the years working in academic libraries in California and pondering excellent food, among other things. Allegedly he writes things too, as you can see from the evidence gathered herein. After some initial work at the student newspaper of the University of California, Irvine and local area publications, as well as concurrent work DJing at the campus station KUCI, he began his formal journalism efforts in the late 1990s with many reviews for the All Music Guide for almost fifteen years. This led to further work in general for a variety of publications, among them: Pitchfork, the Guardian, The Quietus, Rolling Stone, The Wire, Shfl, Bandcamp Daily, Freaky TriggerOC Weekly, Nashville SceneSeattle Weekly, SF Weekly, SF Chronicle, KQED Arts, ViceCareless Talk Costs Lives, Plan B, Loose Lips Sink Ships, FACT, Red Bull Music Academy, Fake Jazz and probably more than a few things that keep slipping his mind.

He's presented numerous times at the annual Pop Conference, attends shows in San Francisco and beyond as he can, and does his level best to keep up with things on numerous fronts across the Internet and social media, where he can all too easily be found. When not doing this he’s pursuing many other cultural and personal interests, including being a cohost of a long-running podcast, By-the-Bywater, dedicated to exploring the work of J. R. R. Tolkien. Somewhere in the midst of all this he supposedly finds time for sleep, though various counterarguments have been made on the matter.

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Summertime Rocks And Rolls

Comment by Ned Raggett, Freaky Trigger, 22 July 2001

Concerts in the American sun ...

Charlatans, The (UK), Mercury Rev, New Order, Stereolab: Ten Years After — 1991 Into 2001

Retrospective by Ned Raggett, Freaky Trigger, 22 July 2001

NO, NOT NIRVANA. I could talk about it, but you know, no. ...

Tool: Lateralus

Review by Ned Raggett, Freaky Trigger, 22 July 2001

… and Willful Withdrawal in a New Summer of Love ...

Hitting the wall

Memoir by Ned Raggett, Freaky Trigger, 12 October 2002

…and worrying if there's anything beyond it. ...

Daft Punk: Human After All

Review by Ned Raggett, Freaky Trigger, 29 January 2005

YES, IT'S HARDLY out yet or anything, but after the leak on Monday I witnessed what had to be one of the most intense fracturings ...

The Melvins: Melvins: Nude With Boots

Review by Ned Raggett, The Quietus, 20 June 2008

THE BAND that Melvins most resemble is, of course, Sparks. Admittedly Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover aren't brothers and haven't scored a clutch of epochally ...

Los Campesinos!: Exclamation Proclamation

Interview by Ned Raggett, OC Weekly, 20 August 2009

Welsh rockers Los Campesinos! grow up (quickly) in the spotlight  ...

The Church: The Past, Present & Future of The Church: An Interview With Peter Koppes

Interview by Ned Raggett, The Quietus, 7 February 2011

Guitarist and founding member of The Church, Peter Koppes, talks to Ned Raggett about new material, shows at the Sydney Opera house and more ...

Dead Can Dance

Interview by Ned Raggett, Pitchfork, 7 August 2012

As the experimental rock duo return with their first new album in 16 years, vocalist Lisa Gerrard talks about the gift and curse of being ...

How To Destroy Angels, Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor: Trent Reznor (2012)

Interview by Ned Raggett, Rock's Backpages audio, November 2012

Taking a break from Nine Inch Nails, Reznor talks about his How To Destroy Angels project: making their An Omen EP_ ; how he, Atticus Ross and Mariqueen Maandig work together; how the songs are constructed and recorded; how he manages his different projects, and how he’s kept evolving as an artist.

File format: mp3; file size: 26.2mb, interview length: 27' 15" sound quality: ** (phoner)

Röyksopp: Late Night Tales

Review by Ned Raggett, Pitchfork, 11 July 2013

Late Night Tales, the compilation series that asks artists to create their ultimate "late night" mix, has become an institution. Röyksopp's installment includes a new ...

Nine Inch Nails: Hesitation Marks

Review by Ned Raggett, The Quietus, 29 August 2013

"I've beat myself up over the years and I need to try new things, I need to push myself, I need to break the machine, ...

Inspiral Carpets: Inspiral Carpets

Review by Ned Raggett, The Quietus, 14 October 2014

HAVING FORMALLY reissued their 1987 demo tape Dung 4 earlier in the year, the Inspiral Carpets, on their new self-titled album, almost seem to have ...

Rock drummer Pepper Denny puts down roots and still chases the dream

Interview by Ned Raggett, Nashville Scene, 19 March 2015

In-Between No More ...

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