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Phil Mershon

Phil Mershon

Ohio native Phil Mershon began writing about rock music back in 1989 when he became editor of the pop newsletter Howling Wind. After moving to Phoenix, Arizona, he started to take writing seriously and after several extended naps became a semi-regular contributor to Perfect Sound Forever, where he was allowed the freedom to praise performers often neglected in the mainstream press. While he still occasionally writes about music, he also contributes fiction to Nuvein, Hackwriters and The Circle Magazine, and has had his articles appear in dozens of newspapers and magazines, including Training & Development, Playtime, Music Men, The Independent, The Foothills News, and several others. Two of his completed screenplays are in search of a movie to appear in. He fills his off hours working as Stage Manager for Theater Works and is presently pining over his dog Molly who ran off with the mail man.

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Phil Ochs: One-Way Ticket Home

Retrospective by Phil Mershon, Perfect Sound Forever, September 2001

AROUND 1980, my friend Julia invited me over to listen to a compilation album by a singer named Phil Ochs. I was a college senior, ...

The Liberation of Detroit: The Motor City after Motown

Retrospective by Phil Mershon, Perfect Sound Forever, November 2002

WHEN BERRY GORDY JR. moved the Motown empire to Los Angeles in 1971, his plan was for the world’s premier record company to go into ...

Phil Spector: The Mad Director: Phil Spector and the Sound of Walls

Guide by Phil Mershon, Perfect Sound Forever, March 2003

HAD PHIL SPECTOR accomplished nothing more than recording The Ronettes singing ‘Be My Baby,’ he would deserve at least one get-out-of-jail-free card. ...

Carla Bley Looks for America

Interview by Phil Mershon, Perfect Sound Forever, August 2003

THIS IS A TIME when global corporatism links a grotesque preponderance of its steel-eyed vision to the silly notion that anything produced by, for, or ...

Delaney & Bonnie: The Axis of Delaney and Bonnie

Retrospective by Phil Mershon, Perfect Sound Forever, January 2004

TAKE TWO PARTS post-Blonde on Blonde neo-folkie sensibility, stir in one part Aretha Franklin Gospel spirit, sprinkle in a few pinches of an attitude that ...

Going Mobile, Part One

Essay by Phil Mershon, Hackwriters, March 2004

THERE'S BEEN no gray and only the slightest signs of a waistline spread, but the sensibilities of middle age mutate sufficiently these days, enough so ...

Going Mobile, Part Two

Special Feature by Phil Mershon, Hackwriters, March 2004

When we come to the place where the road and the sky collide Run me over the edge and let my spirit glide They told ...

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