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Paul Yamada

Independent scholar and cultural critic Paul Yamada has spent thirty years in different areas of the music business, in the midwest and the east. A founding editor of the pioneering rock zine Terminal Zone (1976-78), Paul has written on blues, rock, soul, jazz, and avant garde music. In addition, Yamada has written on cinema, art, and theater for a wide variety of local publications in Chicago, St. Louis and Washington DC. He has consulted for National Public Radio, the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution, as well as the Washington DC Performing Arts Society and Chicago area (name of theater). His current projects include a Chicago project, Wholesome, which will include music revues, essays, visual arts and streamed radio.

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Essaying The Sound of the City: Gillett and After

Essay by Paul Yamada, Terminal Zone, Spring 1977

ANYONE WELL acquainted with the pop and R&B charts from 1948-1954 knows a few odd things about rock. ...

Brinsley Schwarz, Ducks Deluxe, Man, Rockpile: Pub Rock

Overview by Paul Yamada, Terminal Zone, 1978

TO THOSE OF US here in the states, the period of so called 'Pub Rock' in the UK, which lasted at least 6 years, and ...

David Bowie: From Low to Lodger

Retrospective by Paul Yamada, New York Rocker, July 1979

THE LAST TWO studio LPs by David Bowie seem to make up some sort of unit. The release of a third album in collaboration with ...

NRBQ: Desperados, Washington DC

Live Review by Paul Yamada, New York Rocker, January 1980

AFTER A quarter-century of rock 'n' roll, it should be obvious that the idiom (if it can be classed as such) must be maintained by ...

Rhys Chatham: 9:30 Club, Washington DC

Live Review by Paul Yamada, Washington City Paper, 2 October 1981

TWO SETS in one night is sometimes too much for a band, and sometimes it's not enough. For Rhys Chatham and R.E.M. it was just ...

Bill Nelson: Beauty And The Beat: Bill Nelson Keeps a Diary

Review by Paul Yamada, Washington Tribune, September 1982

A DOOR OPENS to reveal a long hall, splendidly lit by candelabra, clenched by almost human hands, attached to the wall at the elbow. The ...

Steve Reich: 9th Street Crossing Festival, Pension Building, Washington DC

Live Review by Paul Yamada, Washington Review, February 1983

FOR SEVERAL years now Steve Reich has been labeled one of the three "minimalists" to name drop, listen to, and even to take seriously. ...

Ronald Shannon Jackson, Material, Prince, James Blood Ulmer: 1982 Black Music Report

Overview by Paul Yamada, Coolest Retard, March 1983

THE PAST FEW years have brought much that is new or at least different to contemporary black music, and though both white and black tastes ...

John Cage: Tributes to John Cage: The Kennedy Center Concert and Ninth Street Crossings

Report by Paul Yamada, Washington Review, June 1983

WHAT CAN you say about a 70-year-old wiseacre, whose public persona exudes sensitivity and dogma, insight and fatuousness? And what can you say when that ...

10cc: St Louis

Live Review by Paul Yamada, Concert News, July 1984

10 C.C. IS A band with quite a past. The four members have had a lot of experience playing in English pop-rock groups; they are ...

Grand Funk Railroad: Kiel Center, St Louis

Live Review by Paul Yamada, Concert News, July 1984

IT WAS OBVIOUS that this was what the crowd was waiting for; they had tried to be totally oblivious to the first band, Wet Willie, ...

Robin Trower: Kiel Center, St Louis

Live Review by Paul Yamada, Concert News, July 1984

ROBIN TROWER is one of several guitarists who survived the experimentalism of the middle to late 60's; providing the non-rhythmic thrust to Procul Harum, he ...

Slade in St. Louis

Report and Interview by Paul Yamada, Concert News, July 1984

I'VE SEEN SLADE three times; this time makes the fourth. I went out of my way to see them the other times, and each trip ...

Wet Willie: Kiel Center, St Louis

Live Review by Paul Yamada, Concert News, July 1984

DURING THE 60's, there was a huge flood of "local colour" bands, which had national hits, one national album, and then, disappeared from the face ...

The Sex Pistols: In Defence of the Sex Pistols

Essay by Paul Yamada, unpublished, 1985

ANY SERIOUS study of rock music should sift through the history to discover outbreaks, accidents and ruptures in and, of rock, that offer themselves as ...

Prince: Purple Drain: Is It Time to Give Up on the Prince We All Want?

Comment by Paul Yamada, Rock's Backpages, April 2009

ON THE FINAL Sunday of March 2009, Prince released a 3-CD set. Two of the albums are his music with his band; the other is ...

Mahalia Jackson: A Centennial Celebration Of Mahalia Jackson

Comment by Paul Yamada, JazzGram, July 2011

THE CHICAGO JAZZ ENSEMBLE wound down its season paying tribute to Mahalia Jackson, who was born October 26, 1911 in New Orleans, and who came ...

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