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Nicky Charlish

Nicky Charlish

Nicky is a freelance journalist with a special interest in the arts and current affairs. Favourite things are books, booze, clothes and clubs. His freelance journalism includes work for Record Mirror, Melody Maker, London International, Midweek, Ms London, Girl-About-Town, Nine-to-Five. Currently contribute to Pen Pusher magazine.

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Flesh For Lulu: The Dome, London

Live Review by Nicky Charlish, Melody Maker, 8 August 1990

FROM The intro, 'Slide', onwards, we're into a festival of high-speed, thumpy noise, delivered in a style that's a crazy cross between 'Floodland'-era Sisters Of ...

Alien Sex Fiend: Curse (Phonogram)

Review by Nicky Charlish, Sounds, 8 December 1990

SILENCE at the back there! ...

Dominic Sandbrook: Never Had It So Good – A History of Britain from Suez to the Beatles

Book Review by Nicky Charlish, Culture Wars, 8 February 2006

WE THINK WE know the basics about the '60s and the social changes that they ushered in. Against a background of mini-skirts, mods and rockers, ...

Dominic Sandbrook: White Heat – A History of Britain in the Swinging Sixties

Book Review by Nicky Charlish, Culture Wars, 5 September 2006

THE IDEA OF the '60s as an era of exciting change for everyone has remained more or less the accepted orthodoxy – until now. Few ...

Howard Sounes: Seventies – The Sights, Sounds and Ideas of a Brilliant Decade

Book Review by Nicky Charlish, Culture Wars, 21 September 2006

AMUSINGLY STUPID, vulgar, a time of endearingly foolish fashions. These views – according to the book's author – represent the consensus thinking of cultural pundits ...

Cathi Unsworth: The Singer

Book Review by Nicky Charlish, Culture Wars, 24 September 2007

POPULAR MUSIC is, by its very nature, ephemeral. So are its singers. Every rock or pop record that makes it to the charts is a ...

David Bowie: David Bowie is: V&A, London

Review by Nicky Charlish, Culture Wars, 9 November 2013

Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, the Thin White Duke, The Man Who Fell to Earth, the man of seemingly endless identity changes. David Bowie has been ...

Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s: V&A, London

Review by Nicky Charlish, Culture Wars, 21 December 2013

WHEN WE LOOK at a product of physical design – a building, say – we don't usually think about the influences which went into its ...

Scarlet Fantastic: An Interview with Maggie K de Monde

Interview by Nicky Charlish, Spindle, 6 June 2016

VETERAN SINGERS who are forever new. That's not a contradiction in terms. Maggie K de Monde has been singing with her band Scarlet Fantastic – ...

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