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Maud Berthomier

Maud Berthomier

Maud Berthomier completed her PhD at Concordia University (Canada) and the University of Poitiers (France). This two-country PhD program was organized under an agreement signed between the two universities. Her thesis was entitled "Words and Music: Rock Criticism as Literature (1966-75)". She specialized in the interdisciplinary field of popular music studies.

Her primary focus is on music/literary journalism, rock criticism and music in the 1960-70s in USA, Britain and France. She has taught classes on cultural studies, gender studies, fan studies, popular music studies, media studies, film studies, and cultural policies and practices. She has been a visiting student/scholar at CUNY and NYU. Her book Encore Plus De Bruit: L'âge d'or du journalisme rock en Amérique, par ceux qui l'ont inventé (2019) consists of interviews with the big names of late '60s/early '70s American rock criticism.


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Buddy Guy, Elvis Presley, Charlie Rich: Take The Music Seriously: An Interview with Peter Guralnick, 20th August, 2009

Book Excerpt by Maud Berthomier, 'Encore Plus De Bruit' (Éditions Tristram), 2019

"Because in the end to me, even today, it's never entirely clear exactly what any interview is about. Sometimes, the most important thing in an ...

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