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Matt Hanks

Matt Hanks, who has worked in Memphis and New York as a publicist for labels such as Flydaddy, has also contributed to such publications as No Depression and The Memphis Flyer.

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John Fahey: Age Against the Machine: John Fahey reinvents his own creation

Retrospective by Matt Hanks, No Depression, March 1997

"I had heard such sounds before, heard them as a little boy lying in bed in the wiregrass country of south Georgia, heard the sounds ...

MTV's Unconventional Amp Takes A Stab At Reinventing Popular Music for the 21st century

Report by Matt Hanks, Memphis Flyer, 27 March 1997

SO YOU'VE HEARD about this new craze that's all the rage with the kids. Although it has yet to produce its first teen idol, 'electronica' ...

Alan Lomax: Outstanding In His Field

Profile by Matt Hanks, Memphis Flyer, 24 July 1997

I AM AN American citizen," he muttered, glaring around. "These Memphis cops call me vagrant, but I'm a musician. These Southern laws don't recognize a ...

Fleetwood Mac Won't Stop

Comment by Matt Hanks, Memphis Flyer, 12 November 1997

IN THE SUMMER of '95, Fleetwood Mac found themselves slogging across the country on a dismal rock-and-roll revival tour, sandwiched between (God help them) REO ...

Isaac Hayes: Who Is the Man? Isaac Hayes

Interview by Matt Hanks, Memphis Flyer, 9 March 1998

IT'S 11:30 A.M. in New York City, nearly lunchtime for most people, but Isaac Hayes sounds like he just rolled out of bed. At first, ...

Townes Van Zandt: A Gentleman and a Shaman: The Last Days and Sad Death of Townes Van Zandt

Retrospective by Matt Hanks, No Depression, January 1999

IF YOU CAN see through the hangover haze and black-eyed pea tradition that ties one First Day to another, January 1st can serve as a ...

Townes Van Zandt: A Far Cry From Dead

Review by Matt Hanks, No Depression, July 1999

LIKE DOCK BOGGS, Townes Van Zandt was obsessed with death. Both men were shadowed by their own mortality, obsessing over it and collapsing under ...

Richard Buckner: Bloomed (Slow River/Rykodisc)

Retrospective by Matt Hanks, No Depression, Summer 1999

RICHARD BUCKNER'S 1994 debut album, Bloomed, heralded the arrival of a uniquely expressive and honest songwriter and reaped Buckner tomes of critical praise, a deal ...

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