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Lisa Jane Persky

Lisa Jane Persky

An early participant in the CBGB's scene, Lisa Jane Persky was a founding photographer/writer of the New York Rocker. Since then, her work as a journalist, photographer and collage artist has appeared in L.A.Weekly, Mojo, Q, Uncut, and The Los Angeles Times among others. Her fiction first appeared in Bomb magazine.

In between, Lisa has been an actress on, off and off off Broadway and in numerous films and television shows.

She is a founding member and Editor-at-Large of the Los Angeles Review of Books. See her photo website for more details.

Pic: Mark Hanauer


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Mumps ...And Other Childhood Diseases

Profile by Lisa Persky, New York Rocker, February 1976

IN THE MUSIC biz, even on the chic Bowery, many a band are slain in the taking. An attempt on the life of one band ...

The Miamis: Heads and Tales

Profile and Interview by Lisa Jane Persky, New York Rocker, March 1976

IN SPITE OF the following reputation, mainly one of an uncommon interest in the female species and predicted guano in the living room, one finds ...


Interview by Lisa Jane Persky, New York Rocker, May 1976

Suicide Note: "The thought of suicide is a great consolation; with the help of it, one has got through many a bad night."– F. Nietzsche ...

The Ramones: Are the Ramones, or Is the Ramone?

Interview by Lisa Jane Persky, New York Rocker, September 1976

PUNK IS A word described in many dictionaries as that which is used to light fireworks; and in this case it is. Eager to pin ...

Jonathan Richman: Town Hall, New York NY

Live Review by Lisa Persky, New York Rocker, December 1976

AFTER AN almost unmentionable flight into vaudeville with the opening acts (a magician and a juggler) who suffered limitless abuse from the audience, Jonathan Richman ...

The Sex Pistols, Television: Pimp-Rock?

Comment by Lisa Jane Persky, New York Rocker, June 1977

EVERYTHING happens to us all so quickly these days that even before something is completed, it is dated, labels must be attached for definition and ...

Rodney Bingenheimer: A Child of the Myth

Profile and Interview by Lisa Jane Persky, L.A. Weekly, May 1979

KEEPING MY fingers on the minimal pulse of the musical movement in L.A. which, gratefully, is growing, I cannot ignore one of its prime gardeners. ...

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