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Jonathon Green

Jonathon Green was born in 1948 and has been writing books, contributing journalism and broadcasting on both radio and TV since the mid-1970s. More recently he has been blogging for and answering language-related questions for

He has published a number of popular dictionaries of quotations (starting with two volumes of ‘rock quotes’), three oral histories (on the UK’s ‘alternative society,’ on first-generation immigrants and on ‘sex since the Sixties’), and, for the last 30 years, dictionaries of slang and other works on language, including a history of dictionary-making and a slang thesaurus. Language!, a history of slang will appear this year, as will a memoir Odd Job Man. The latest of his dictionaries, the three-volume Green's Dictionary of Slang, appeared in 2010 and established him as the world's expert on English-language slang.

From 1969 to 1974 he was involved in the London counter-culture, notably as a writer for its 'underground press' and worked successively for Rolling Stone (UK), Friends, Time Out, INK, Oz (which he co-edited after the celebrated trial of 1971) and finally IT. In 1988 he went back to the counter-culture with Days in the Life: Voices from the English Underground, in which he interviewed over 100 of the era's primary players and a decade later offered his own take on the period: All Dressed Up.

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Rita Coolidge, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (Dir. Sam Peckinpah)

Film/DVD/TV Review by Jonathon Green, International Times, 12 July 1973

Real Blood and Jizzum, Sam... ...

David Crosby: Dave Crosby: If I Could Only Remember My Name (Atlantic)

Review by Jonathon Green, Oz, April 1971

THE CURRENTLY fashionable craze for the muzak freaks down at J. Walter Thompson (Know the West Coast — all you need's a cursory glance at ...

Grateful Dead: Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan: 'As Long As He's Been Doin' It Right'

Obituary by Jonathon Green, International Times, 22 March 1973

PIGPEN IS DEAD. Ron McKernan, 27 years old, organist and all-purpose alky crazy for the Grateful Dead. ...

John Lennon, Yoko Ono: Lennon-Ono: Deporting The Great Swan

Report by Jonathon Green, International Times, 2 November 1972

NEW YORK: 'It is with great pleasure that we wish to add PEN American Center's great Roc's voice to the vast chorus of poetic larks and ...

Dean Martin, Iggy Pop, The Stooges: Iggy and The Stooges: Raw Power (CBS); Dean Martin: Sittin' On Top Of The World (WEA)

Review by Jonathon Green, International Times, 28 June 1973

Punk drunk junk ...

The Velvet Underground: Live at Max's Kansas City (Atlantic)

Review by Jonathon Green, International Times, 25 August 1972

THE VELVET Underground were New York's premier rock band. Max's Kansas City still is a club that makes the Speakeasy something like a pale reflection ...

The Velvet Underground: Velvet Underground: Loaded (Cotillion Import)

Review by Jonathon Green, Oz, January 1971

BACK IN ILLUSORY flower power 1967, when most people wanted to go to San Francisco, and those who didn't made up for it by pickling ...

Frank Zappa: It's All In Self-Defence

Interview by Jonathon Green, Friends/Frendz, 22 November 1969

SURROUNDED BY The Business, eating through all the courses of a 'luncheon', gradually accumulating more and more different varieties of food and drink inside — ...

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OZ: More Than Simply Another Hippy Rag

Report by Jonathon Green, International Times, 31 May 1973

I TOLD YOU so. I've always wanted to say it, and now I can. Here, as I hack out yet another goddam obituary, I can ...

This Man Hates Little Girls

Comment by Jonathon Green, International Times, 17 May 1973

THEY'RE RIGHT, you know. I always had this sneeking suspicion that they might be, but ferchrissake, I never really wanted to talk about it before. ...

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