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John Hutchinson

John Hutchinson

John Hutchinson (pictured in 1983) wrote his first music article on Eric Clapton; it was followed a year or so later by an interview with him. Other pieces followed, and in the early 1980s he became a Contributing Editor to Musician magazine in New York, as well as to the short-lived Record magazine, owned by Rolling Stone. Based in Ireland, John has also written for local newspapers and magazines.

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Emmylou Harris

Interview by John Hutchinson, unpublished, 1982

JH: Emmylou, were you always interested in country music? ...

Eric Clapton: Farther Up The Road

Interview by John Hutchinson, Musician, May 1982

FEW MUSICIANS have been more misunderstood, more overburdened with great expectations and more erroneously worshipped than Eric Clapton. ...

Ry Cooder

Interview by John Hutchinson, In Dublin, June 1982

WITHIN HOURS of arriving from Glasgow, Ry Cooder walked into a room in Jury's Hotel wearing a black track suit, with a towel bundled under ...

Randy Newman in Paradise

Interview by John Hutchinson, unpublished, February 1983

JH: Was there any family influence on your decision to be a musician? Your uncles wrote movie music, didn't they? ...

Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant: Robert Plant: Into The Light

Interview by John Hutchinson, Record, September 1983

Led Zeppelin now a fond but distant memory, Robert Plant turns his attention towards a new solo album, a new band and a world tour ...

Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, U2: Brian Eno: Music Without Compromise

Interview by John Hutchinson, Mix, February 1985

BRIAN ENO IS something of a paradox. He is at once associated with the avant-garde and an artist/producer who has actually had his share of ...

Peter Gabriel: From Brideshead to Sunken Heads

Interview by John Hutchinson, Musician, July 1986

PETER AND I were at school together – at Charterhouse, an expensive private school in Surrey, of the variety the British perversely insist on calling ...

U2's Leading Edge

Interview by John Hutchinson, Musician, September 1986

"I DON'T REALLY see myself as a guitar player," says U2's Edge. "I'm more of a songwriter or composer. In looking for a new way ...

Ray Davies, The Kinks: Kontemplating the Kinks: Nothing's as Bad as Ray Davies Thinks

Interview by John Hutchinson, Musician, January 1987

RAY DAVIES, we've always been told, is quintessentially English. The classic Kinks songs of the '60s – 'Dedicated Follower Of Fashion', 'Sunny Afternoon', 'Waterloo Sunset' ...

U2: Luminous Times

Interview by John Hutchinson, Musician, May 1987

U2 Wrestle With Their Moment Of Glory ...

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