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Jim Yoakum

Jim Yoakum

Jim Yoakum is the literary executor of the Graham Chapman estate. He has also written for many major magazines and periodicals including Rolling Stone, People, Elle, and Beatlefan. He has written and edited four books including Calcium Made Interesting, OJRIL: The Completely Incomplete Graham Chapman and The Non-Inflatable Monty Python TV Companion. Jim wrote the screenplay and is co-producer of Gin and Tonic, the Graham Chapman bio-pic, coming soon. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The Beatles, Paul McCartney: The Man Who Killed Paul McCartney

Retrospective by Jim Yoakum, unpublished, 2001

The incredible, never-before-revealed true-life event that sparked the greatest rock ‘n’ roll rumor of all time. ...

Charles Manson: Charlie Don’t Surf

Retrospective by Jim Yoakum, unpublished, 2004

THE NIGHT THAT the four members of the infamous Manson Family drove out to a secluded Benedict Canyon mansion and brutally butchered Sharon Tate, Abigail ...

Robyn Hitchcock, The Soft Boys: Just who the hell is Robyn Hitchcock, anyway?

Interview by Jim Yoakum, unpublished, 2004

FUNNYMAN? Serious Artist? Ironic? Fey? Wry? Ask the average punter "Who is Robyn Hitchcock?" and you'll get a variety of replies, from "neo-psychedelic warbler" and ...

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