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Jerry Zolten

Jerry Zolten

Jerry Zolten has been writing freelance about American roots music for the past 35 years with articles in Sing Out!, Living Blues, The Old Time Herald, and The Journal of Country Music and liner notes for Document, Universal, Rounder, and Lost Highway. He is the producer of The Fairfield Four, Wreckin' the House (Dead Reckoning), Isaac Freeman and the Bluebloods' Beautiful Stars (Lost Highway), and Chimpin' the Blues, a public radio program co-hosted with cartoonist Robert Crumb. Zolten's most recent book is Great God A'Mighty! The Dixie Hummingbirds: Celebrating the Rise of Soul Gospel Music (Oxford University Press)

Gene Santoro's review of Jerry's Dixie Hummingbirds book

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Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys: Western Swingtime Music: A Cool Breeze in the American Desert

Overview by Jerry Zolten, Sing Out!, June 1974

IN THE GOLDEN days of big band swing, while Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington were sizzling in the cities, a back-country form of big band ...

Archie Edwards: Jumpstartin' the Blues: Piedmont Bluesman Archie Edwards

Profile and Interview by Jerry Zolten, Living Blues, April 1996

Talks About Roots, Rights, and Rhythms ...

Bumble Bee Slim: A Rough Rugged Road: From Georgia to Chicago to Hollywood with Bumble Bee Slim

Retrospective by Jerry Zolten, Living Blues, September 1997

MY ENTREE into the world of bluesman Bumble Bee Slim came not by choice, but by chance. It happened a few years ago in the ...

Rudy Ray Moore: 'I Ain't Lyin'!'...The Unexpurgated Truth about Rudy Ray Moore

Retrospective and Interview by Jerry Zolten, Living Blues, May 2001

2008 Prologue: RUDY RAY MOORE, a.k.a. "Dolemite," the "Godfather of Rap," the "World's Greatest X-Rated Comedian," and "Blaxploitation" filmmaker, passed away at age 81 in ...

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