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Jeff Weiss

Jeff Weiss

Jeff Weiss is the Los Angeles-based founder of  POW ( and theLAnd Magazine ( In addition, he's the owner of POW Recordings and a regular contributor to Los Angeles Magazine, GQ, and The Washington Post. He's currently at work on his first book, "Waiting for Britney Spears".

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Cold War Kids: Robbers and Cowards

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 13 October 2006

ABOUT A YEAR AGO, I stumbled into the Silverlake Lounge to see a friend's band. The small bar was a mess of dim lights and ...

Camp Lo: Fort Apache (The Mixtape Album)

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 1 December 2006

I DON'T BELIEVE CAMP LO. The official explanation for their extended hiatus from the rap world was label problems and a desire to "travel." But ...

The Parson Red Heads: King Giraffe

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 6 February 2007

IN THE WU-TANG MANUAL, the RZA confessed that he used to make certain albums hoping they'd come out in the wintertime. He describes Liquid Swords, ...

Elvis Perkins: Ash Wednesday

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 22 February 2007

ELVIS PERKINS'S OUTSTANDING DEBUT RECORD, Ash Wednesday, is sad. Eleven meditations on the fleeting nature of existence filled with china-delicate melodies, sparkling acoustic chords, and ...

Aesop Rock: All Day

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 1 March 2007

WHO NEEDS JOGGING? The elliptical will get rid of that gut just fine, and you can read while using it. And isn't multi-tasking supposed to ...

RJD2: The Third Hand

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 8 March 2007

I BLAME KANYE WEST and his unprecedented success in climbing out from behind the boards to become America's ten-times platinum darling, Time magazine cover boy ...

Brother Ali: The Undisputed Truth

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 25 April 2007

BROTHER ALI'S DEBUT RECORD, 2003's Shadows' lack of cohesion was best summed up in a ham-handed punch-line, wherein Ali declared he was "a cross between ...

Dungen: Tio Bitar

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 15 May 2007

THE '80S SEEM ALMOST ARCHAIC in the instant-orgasm Internet age, where everyone has a Netflix account to watch Bulgarian independent DVDs and iPods with enough ...

Inspectah Deck: Uncontrolled Substance

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 17 May 2007

ON THE SURFACE, it would seem tough to be Inspectah Deck. Sure, there's that whole fame-and-fortune thing, but let's be real, it has to hurt ...

Voxtrot: Voxtrot

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 24 May 2007

IF THE INTERNET REINVENTED THE IDEA of the overnight sensation, Voxtrot were some of its first guinea pigs — a bunch of kids in their ...

Marco Polo: Port Authority

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 7 June 2007

FROM HYPHY TO CRUNK to snap to grime to whatever the fuck Subtle is, hip-hop has split into a wide variety of sub-genres since its ...

My Morning Jacket: At Dawn and The Tennessee Fire Demos

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 19 June 2007

IN THE DECADE THUS FAR, scores of pretenders have been hyped as having that elevated and hopelessly nebulous notion of greatness (thanks for stopping by ...

Pharoahe Monch: Desire

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 29 June 2007

HIP-HOP HISTORY IS LITTERED with MCs blessed with scythe-sharp flows and Byzantine lyrics who couldn't pick out a dope beat if their life depended on ...

The Beastie Boys: The Mix-Up

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 11 July 2007

HERE'S THE THING ABOUT THE BEASTIE BOYS: they've always been annoying. Despite their frequent brilliance, success has always come in spite of and not because ...

Camp Lo: Black Hollywood

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 31 July 2007

SINCE DAY ONE, Camp Lo have always been Hollywood. Their technicolor tales could only fit on the big screen: blaxploitation fantasies of bloody Bronx shoot-outs, ...

Aesop Rock: None Shall Pass

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 5 September 2007

FEW HAVE DONE BETTER THAN THE DEF JUX CREW in capturing the twitchy fractured neurotransmitters of the George Bush/Paris Hilton American schizophrenia of the '00s. ...

Madlib the Beat Konducta: Vol. 3: Live in India

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 6 September 2007

MADLIB SOUNDS BETTER when you're stoned. This is a pretty widely known fact, one that I have personally verified over several years of dedicated empiricism. ...

The Go! Team: Proof of Youth

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 13 September 2007

WHEN THE GO! TEAM EMERGED in late 2004, it finally became clear what the Avalanches had been doing for the last half decade: taking gravity ...

The Deadly Syndrome: The Ortolan

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 27 September 2007

"THERE'S WOLVES IN THE GARDEN," Chris Richard belts out, midway through the fourth song of The Ortolan, the debut from the Silverlake quartet, the Deadly ...

Danny!: Danny Is Dead!

Review by Jeff Weiss, Stylus, 24 October 2007

NOW THAT "FIASCOGATE" has crushed the dreams of the Okayplayer message board junkies who'd hoped to anoint him the rightful heir to the Native Tongues ...

Afghan Whigs, Usher: Afghan Whigs: How Usher Helped Revive '90s Alt-Rock Heroes Afghan Whigs

Interview by Jeff Weiss, L.A. Weekly, 4 May 2017

WHEN THE AFGHAN WHIGS DISSOLVED in 2001, no one would have guessed that Usher would be the catalyst for their reunion — Usher being the ...

André Cymone, Prince: André Cymone: Keeping the Purple One's Spirit Alive

Interview by Jeff Weiss, L.A. Weekly, 17 May 2017

IT'S BEEN NEARLY 400 DAYS since Prince passed and his former bandmate, surrogate brother and best friend still can't quite believe that he's gone. To ...

Jurassic 5: 20 Years Ago, Jurassic 5's Debut EP Made Underground Rap the Place to Be

Comment by Jeff Weiss, L.A. Weekly, 11 October 2017

DURING THE LATE '90S AND EARLY '00S, you could amble into almost any college dorm in Southern California, press play on Jurassic 5's self-titled debut, ...

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