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James Fox

James Fox (pictured with the Rev. Gary Davis in Greenwich Village) is the bestselling author of White Mischief and a former staff writer for the Sunday Times magazine and other publications. He worked with Keith Richards on the Stone's autobiography Life.

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Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones: The Sound of the Stones

Profile and Interview by James Fox, The Sunday Times Magazine, August 1973

ALL THROUGH THE night while they rehearsed for the European tour, Keith Richards stood there in a trance with himself, rocking slowly backwards and forwards, ...

The Rolling Stones: Gathering No Moss

Profile and Interview by James Fox, The Sunday Times, 9 May 1976

IN GLASGOW tomorrow, the Rolling Stones begin the British section of their European tour, which ends with six concerts at Earl's Court – an unusual ...

Rival gangs turn their war against Jamaica's politicians

Report and Interview by James Fox, The Observer, 22 January 1978

UNTIL TWO weeks ago today, Kingston was one of the most violent and frightening places on earth. ...

Amadu Bansang Jobarteh, Dembo Konte, Fanta Sacko: Rendezvous In Mali

Report and Interview by James Fox, House & Garden, September 1987

YOU WILL rarely hear of anyone traveling for pleasure in Mali, except to visit the great handmade mud mosques at Mopti or Djenne on the ...

Papa Wemba: Pop Star, People Smuggler, Jailbird, Demagogue – and all in a coat that cost £15,000

Report and Interview by James Fox, Sunday Telegraph, 14 August 2004

James Fox looks at the bizarre life of world music star Papa Wemba. ...

Bob Marley & the Wailers: People Get Ready: Bucky Marshall, Claudie Massop and Bob Marley

Retrospective by James Fox, Rock's Backpages, 21 February 2024

A FEW DAYS ago, a friend sent me a photograph from Jamaica that hit me with a jolt: an image of myself 46 years ago, ...

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