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Elmo Keep

Elmo Keep is a life-long native of the city of Sydney, and a Communications graduate of its University of Technology, where she spent several years pointlessly smoking cigarettes and penning a typically cliched first novel which now resides on a disused hard drive in someone’s drawer. Before that she dropped out of art school, as plastering walls did not appear to be going anywhere lucrative.

Previously to this, she worked in television, first as a sixteen-year-old host of an experimental short film show (eatcarpet, SBS Television) and then as in production on an experimental electronic music show (Alchemy, SBS Television). She then enjoyed stints in several useless vocations while studying at university, including as night manager of a convenience store, and working on technology magazine titles in IT support, fielding questions often literally with "is it switched on at the wall?" This was not in any way as humorous as may have been depicted elsewhere, in fiction.

Currently Elmo is employed by several publications that should know better, as a critic and feature writer covering film, television and music. She has interviewed among others: Patti Smith, Anton Corbijn, Henry Rollins, The Breeders, Todd Haynes, and a multitude of Australian artists. She took distinct pleasure in telling Gene Simmons to shove it, though later fell under the wayward influence of glam metal’s aesthetic, much against her better judgement. Elmo consistently refuses to quash rumours that she wear KISS pajamas.

Elmo spend large amounts of time waiting, whether vain or valiantly, for the Next Great U2 Album, and has an unusually large soft spot for Elton John’s 1970s output. She invites you to make of that, what you will. Otherwise, please forward all complaints to her website: (which has nothing to do with She is 26 years old and lives in inner Sydney’s Surry Hills. She does not enjoy yoga, though would quite like to be someone who does, sometimes.

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KISS, Gene Simmons: Gene Simmons: Into The Belly Of The Beast

Interview by Elmo Keep,, 20 February 2008

"This is Gene Simmons," says the voice on the phone. There I was, sitting – more correctly, innocently lounging – in the meeting room of ...

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