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David G. Walley

David G. Walley

A native of Plainfield, New Jersey, after graduating from Rutgers University in 1967, Walley came to New York City in the late ‘60s and found himself writing about rock and roll for JAZZ AND POP. Shortly thereafter became the music critic/arts editor for New York City's premier underground newspaper, the EAST VILLAGE OTHER. In the following decade he was a contributor to ROCK MAGAZINE, ZYGOTE, FUSION, and CHANGES, as well as the arts and book critic for the LA FREE PRESS in the mid-‘70s. In 1972, he published the first (and only) American biography of Frank Zappa, NO COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL, recently reissued and updated in 1996 by Da Capo. His latest book is TEENAGE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN: MUSIC AND POLITICS IN THE POST-ELVIS AGE (Insight Books, 1998). David Walley died after suffering a heart attack in August 2006.

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MC5: The MC5 Interview

Interview by David G. Walley, Jazz & Pop, July 1969

THIS INTERVIEW took place in the New York apartment of the MC5's press agent Danny Fields, the day after the Detroit band signed their new ...

Frank Zappa, The Mothers Of Invention: You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here: Frank Zappa

Profile and Interview by David G. Walley, Rock, 8 June 1970

"Always wondered whether I could make it in society because it's a drag when you're rejected..." ( Frank Zappa c. 1965) ...

Bob Dylan: Dylan’s Tarantula

Review by David G. Walley, Zygote, 1971

TARANTULA: twenty-five year-old visions of reality/letters to himself and posterity, now here in some other form from miracle xerox. Tarantula--visions of Aretha, soul singer in ...

Don McLean

Interview by David G. Walley, Phonograph Record, 1 December 1971

DON WALKS INTO MY cluttered house, up four flights and to the left, arriving in a confusion of papers, cats, ashtrays. ...

Bob Dylan: Confessions of a Traveling Tzaddik

Book Review by David G. Walley, New Partisan, 6 December 2004

Bob Dylan: Chronicles, Volume 1 New York: Simon & Schuster, 2004, pp. 293, $24 ...

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