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Camille Davis Russo

Camille Davis Russo

Born in Chicago, Camille Davis Russo grew up in the world of music as the daughter of jazz composer William Russo and the step-daughter of Maurice Lathouwers, Vice President of Capitol Records. She attended the School of Jazz in Lenox, MA at age 6. Camille played Mozart's Piano Concerto in D minor at age 12 and met Muddy Waters at age 13. Her first rock review was published at age 16. She was the liaison between the Chicago bluesmen (Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon) and British rock royalty (Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones). Camille has kept an extensive rock'n'roll diary since she lived in London in 1963-1964.  

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Jimi Hendrix, Soft Machine: An Electrocuting Jimi Hendrix Experience: Jimi Hendrix/Soft Machine: Auditorium Theatre, Chicago

Live Review by Camille Davis Russo, Skyline, 14 September 1968

I have given over my column this week to my daughter Camille Russo. She 
is almost 17, and has a good ear, has studied the ...

Led Zeppelin: Ten years after — the Rule of Britannia

Memoir by Camille Davis Russo, unpublished, 4 July 1974

ON JULY 4TH, 1976, America will celebrate the 200th anniversary of her independence from Great Britain. Yet the bonds are unbroken, and she's never been ...

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