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Bonnie J. Morris

Bonnie J. Morris

Bonnie J. Morris is an American Scholar of women's studies who has spent more than thirty years documenting the women's music movement. She has written sixteen books, including Soundwaves of Feminism: the Women's Music MovementThe Disappearing L and The Feminist Revolution

She is Professor Emerita at George Washington University and now teaches at University of California, Berkeley. She continues to work with the Smithsonian and Radcliffe's Schlesinger Library on the legacy of women's music festivals and arranged for Olivia Records albums to be housed by the Smithsonian. 

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Melissa Etheridge: Hitched, Happy, and On Tour

Interview by Bonnie J. Morris, Gay & Lesbian Review, The , March 2004

MELISSA ETHERIDGE has been a lesbian rock icon since 1988, when audiences who had not heard her at clubs and women's music festivals grabbed her ...

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