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Bob Mehr

Bob Mehr

Bob Mehr has been a reporter and critic covering music for The Commercial Appeal since 2006. His byline has also appeared in numerous national and international music magazines including SPIN, MOJO in the U.K. and German Rolling Stone, and his essays are regularly featured as part of CD reissues for labels like Rhino Records.

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The Dixie Chicks: Dixie Chicks: United Centre, Chicago

Live Review by Bob Mehr, MOJO, November 2006

President-baiting Texans gain new fans but lose musical momentum. ...

Guided By Voices: Metro, Chicago

Live Review by Bob Mehr, MOJO, March 2005

TONGUE PLANTED only partly in cheek, Guided By Voices' leader Bob Pollard has dubbed his group's farewell tour "Mission Accomplished: The Electrifying Conclusion", and by ...

Rickie Lee Jones: Bohemian Rhapsody

Interview by Bob Mehr, MOJO, July 2011

Fuelled by a bitter split with lover Tom Waits, scarred by spiraling addictions and underwritten by her traumatic childhood, Rickie Lee Jones' Pirates album took ...

Liz Phair: Is All Phair In Rock 'N' Roll?

Interview by Bob Mehr, Harp, November 2005

THE PENINSULA HOTEL is an elegant, bordering on ostentatious, spot in the heart of Chicago's Magnificent Mile. As the concierge and desk staff scurry about ...

The Replacements: The World's Most Unsatisfied Band

Retrospective and Interview by Bob Mehr, Spin, May 2008

Nearly two decades after the Replacements' strangely quiet demise, the gloriously ramshackle catalogue of one of American underground rock's defining bands gets a proper makeover. ...

The Rolling Stones: United Center, Chicago

Live Review by Bob Mehr, MOJO, April 2006

SINCE THEIR ESCAPE from UK tax laws in the early '70s, the Rolling Stones have been a band with no fixed abode. ...

Kelley Stoltz: Below The Branches

Review by Bob Mehr, MOJO, March 2006

Third LP and second consecutive corker from Bay Area-based cosmic troubadour. ...

Paul Westerberg: Folk Art

Interview by Bob Mehr, Harp, November 2004

Paul Westerberg on his infamous past, fatherhood and his most personal solo offering to date, Folker. ...

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Arrow Brown: The Godfather of King Drive

Retrospective by Bob Mehr, Chicago Reader, 22 April 2005

Arrow Brown wanted badly to be a player-he wore a black hat, packed heat even in church, and exploited a houseful of wives and concubines ...

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